Our Sunday day of rest prefigures the eternal rest of heaven

May 24, 2015 by

By Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman: What is the best holiday you have ever been on? Our ideas of a great holiday, of course, may vary. Some people enjoy active holidays, perhaps shinning their way up a high mountain or abseiling off a sky-scraper; I personally prefer to potter about doing not very much and certainly try to avoid getting drawn into competitive games, especially croquet. But, whatever our personal taste, surely the defining characteristic of a holiday should be that it is a...

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What’s Love Got to do with It? The Politics of the Cross

Apr 3, 2015 by

By Stanley Hauerwas, ABC Religion & Ethics: Nothing is more destructive to the Christian faith than the current identification of Christianity with love. If God wants us to be more loving, why do you need Jesus to tell us that? And if Christianity is about the forgiveness of our sins, then why did Jesus have to die? If God is all about love, in other words, why go through the trouble of being this man, Jesus? Why did God not just tell us through an appropriate spokesman (it could have been...

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The Grammar of Leviticus 18.22

Jan 25, 2015 by

By Ian Paul, Psephizo: Last year, I wrote a Grove booklet on the text relating to same-sex unions; some of this material has also contributed to the resources for the ‘facilitated conversations’ in the Church of England. I posted on the blog an extract on the texts from Leviticus 18 and 22, which generated quite a bit of discussion. Some of the most significant comments came from Jerome T Walsh, who taught Old Testament at Botswana University and the University of Dallas, and has published...

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Gay marriage in church? Taking apart the arguments

Nov 20, 2014 by

By M B Davie: Editor’s note: This is more than a review of Bishop Alan’s book, it is a step by step dismantling of all his arguments for recognition and blessing of same sex relationships by the church. It is long, but will prove an important resource. A review of Alan Wilson More Perfect Union. Introduction The Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, has become known as the bishop who has broken ranks with the official policy of the Church of England by arguing that there should be...

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More Reviews of “More Perfect Union?: Understanding Same-Sex Marriage” by Bishop Alan Wilson

Oct 8, 2014 by

By Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum: As the Church of England begins two years of Shared Conversations focussed on sexuality, probably the most vocal episcopal critic of current teaching and practice, Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, has set out his case for change in More Perfect Union?: Understanding Same-Sex Marriage (DLT). For those still unclear about the substance and tone of Anglican arguments for same-sex marriage this is a short, readable guide.  Although helpful in giving a sense of much...

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Has The Church ‘Locally Adapted’ Become A Bridge Too Far?

Jul 21, 2014 by

By Fr. Dale Matson: St. Gregory The Great sent the monk Augustine to the British Isles as a missionary in 597. Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. Gregory was eager but cautious in introducing the Gospel to England and thus he included the leeway allowing Augustine to ‘locally adapt” church customs in England. “Gregory showed great wisdom and insight in his management of the mission. He and Augustine kept close contact with each other; they worked as a team. Through their...

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