Cathedral, university, media join forces to undermine biblical faith

Aug 30, 2016 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. “My son feels increasingly called to full-time ministry”, said a friend proudly a few years ago. “He’s only 18, but he’s made the decision to study theology, and he’s got a place at the University of Chester!” I kept quiet, unable to totally share the enthusiasm, as I’ve always felt that academic theology especially in a University setting can undermine and often destroy biblical faith rather than nurture it, especially the kind that is needed for a...

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No, God Isn’t Transgender

Aug 19, 2016 by

by Robert A J Gagnon, First Things: In what has to be a new low for the New York Times, the Gray Lady (or should we now say the Bearded Lady?) has published an op-ed piece titled “Is God Transgender?” by a New York rabbi named Mark Sameth. Cousin to a man who “transitioned to a woman” in the 1970s, Sameth contends that “the Hebrew Bible, when read in its original language, offers a highly elastic view of gender.” He marshals many purported examples of gender fluidity in the Hebrew scriptures,...

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Obsessed with sex?

Aug 11, 2016 by

by Peter J Leithart, First Things: Christians are often accused of being obsessed with sexual sin. Why can’t two people, of whatever sex, do whatever they please in the enclosure of their own room? Who is hurt if a guy wants to get off looking at tantalizing pictures and videos on his computer? What’s the big deal if college students hook up, unhook, and then hook up again with someone? Our jitteriness about sex exposes our prudery and hostility to life. It shows that Christians are all...

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Sexuality and Silence

Aug 7, 2016 by

by Andrew Wilson, Think Theology: I’ve heard rumours of a silent trend beginning to take hold in some city churches in the UK and the US. I don’t just mean a trend that takes hold silently; presumably most trends do that. I mean a trend towards silence: a decision not to speak out on issues that are considered too sticky, controversial, divisive, culturally loaded, entangled, ethically complex, personally upsetting, emotive, likely to be reported on by the Guardian or the New York Times,...

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Is John 17 about unity?

Jul 24, 2016 by

By Ian Paul, Psephizo. […] To be holy involves remaining in the person and work of Jesus, and remaining in his teaching which reveals the truth about us, God and the world. It is into this context that Jesus then longs for the unity of his people. The parallel with the unity between Jesus and the Father cannot be exact, not least with hindsight we have following the Nicene expressions of our understanding of the Trinity. But it is about the unity of commitment, will and understanding;...

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“Into the darkness of error”: Martin Davie reviews recent ‘pro-change’ books.

Jul 21, 2016 by

 [Editor’s note]: Before the recent General Synod, two collections of essays by Church of England leaders were published which set out revisionist interpretations of sexual ethics: Journeys in Grace and Truth, and Amazing Love. Theologian Martin Davie has produced substantial reviews of these books, published on the Latimer Trust site, which as usual with his work, summarises the arguments and refutes them with clarity and biblical faithfulness. While those advocating change in the Church’s...

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