A response to Oliver O’Donovan ‘The Wreck of Catholic Identity: Marriage Canon Revision in the Scottish Episcopal Church.’

May 23, 2016 by

by Martin Davie: Next month the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church will return to a proposal to amend its Canon on marriage, Canon 31, removing the reference to marriage being between ‘one man and one woman.’  Behind this proposal lies a report on The Theology of Marriage from the Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church which makes out the case for an alteration in the Canon. In an article entitled ‘The Wreck of Catholic Identity: Marriage Canon Revision in the Scottish...

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The Art of Imperious Ignorance

Apr 29, 2016 by

by Michael J Ovey, The Gospel Coalition: Earlier this year I found myself lured from the secure theological fastnesses of north London to a consultation on one of the hot topics of our day. One delegate listened to the contributions about what relevant biblical passages meant and then commented that s/he still did not know what the passages meant and the explanations offered just didn’t do it for him/her. The passages were unclear. I was surprised in one way, because I thought the explanations...

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A response to the Pastoral letter from the Bishops of the Church in Wales

Apr 19, 2016 by

by Martin Davie: The Bishops of the Church in Wales have now issued a ‘Pastoral Letter….to all the faithful concerning gay and lesbian Christians’ accompanied by two sets of prayers ‘that may be said with a couple following the Celebration of a Civil Partnership or Civil Marriage.’ What should we make of this letter from a theological perspective? First, the reasons the bishops give for not changing the teaching of the Church in Wales in relation to marriage or permitting ‘the celebration of...

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Christianity is no longer compulsory for Oxford Theology students

Apr 2, 2016 by

By Florence Taylor, Christian Today Theology students at Oxford will no longer have to study Christianity after their first year of university, after pupils challenged the lack of diversity in the current course structure. A “major driver” for implementing changes, which will allow students after the first year to abandon study of Christianty entirely, is “the dramatic change in the way religion is seen and practised in the UK,” according to Professor Johannes...

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Review of ‘God Is No Thing’ by Rupert Shortt

Mar 24, 2016 by

by Rowan Williams, Guardian: Some high-profile atheists insist on arguing against propositions that no serious Christian writer would endorse. This is a spirited corrective, covering the origins of the universe to the use of the Bible. In one of his letters, CS Lewis repeats the story of an earnest atheistical school teacher instructing her young charges that all forms of animal life derived from the higher apes, under the impression that she was teaching them Darwinism. The anecdote is...

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BBC head of religion warns of ‘chronic lack of religious literacy’ in the UK

Mar 19, 2016 by

by Ian Burrell, Independent: The BBC’s head of religion has warned that Britain needs to address its “chronic lack of religious literacy” if it is to accommodate the rise through new immigration of “more assertive” forms of Christianity with “conflicting views” on same-sex marriage and other human rights issues. Aaqil Ahmed, writing for The Independent, identifies a “more muscular Pentecostalism” emerging among African immigrants and an “upsurge in Catholic numbers” from Poland and elsewhere...

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