Why You Shouldn’t Use Transgender Pronouns

Oct 18, 2016 by

By Daniel Moody, The Federalist: You don’t need to be a psychology professor to realize than an attempt to transplant pronouns from the body to the mind is an attempt to destroy our ability to communicate. Perhaps the name Dr. Jordan Peterson is unfamiliar to you. It was to me until I happened upon his recent YouTube video, “Fear and the Law,” in which he calmly and methodically dissects political correctness, with particular reference to Bill C-16 (a Canadian bill which would add “gender...

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UK nurses lacking skills to treat transgender patients, says research

Oct 11, 2016 by

by Kate Lyons, Guardian: UK nurses are failing to meet the needs of transgender patients and feel they lack training and experience to treat the growing number of trans people seeking medical treatment in relation to their gender identity, according to research. A survey of more than 1,200 nursing staff across the UK found 87% of those nurses who have directly cared for a trans patient felt unprepared to meet the patient’s needs. The survey, which was conducted by the Royal College of Nursing,...

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Review: Vaughan Roberts on Transgender

Oct 3, 2016 by

by Tim Chester: Today sees the publication of Transgender by Vaughan Roberts. It’s a short guide that combines great pastoral sensitivity with biblical clarity. Vaughan is Rector of St. Ebbe’s Church in Oxford. The first chapter describes the phenomenon of transgender in its many guises, inviting us to feel the pain of those involved. Many teenagers grow out of such feelings, but not all. Vaughan encourages to steer between a response of ‘Yuk’ and a response of ‘Yes’. In chapter two Vaughan...

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10 examples of men abusing Target’s dangerous policy

Sep 29, 2016 by

from AFA: Here are 10 examples that show Target should immediately rescind their dangerous policy and keep men out of women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms. Man wanted for taking photos inside Target changing room Transgender woman caught filming in Target changing room Man seen reaching under stall with phone in Target dressing room ‘Peeping Tom’ reported in Target dressing room Teen girl reports dressing room peeper at Target Police Looking for Target Peeper Target peeping...

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Mayor of London reforms gender options to recognise people who aren’t ‘male’ or ‘female’

Sep 27, 2016 by

by Nick Duffy, Pink News: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has confirmed that the city is preparing to reform City Hall’s gender options to recognise trans and intersex peopl At present, consultations launched by the Mayor’s office only allow Londoners to specify their gender as either ‘male’ or ‘female’. But following a question from the Green Party’s Sian Berry, the Mayor confirmed he would look to make their approach more trans inclusive for non-binary, intersex and transgender people. Mr Khan...

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Transgender kids are cool, if you believe their crazy parents and the BBC

Sep 21, 2016 by

by Ken MacIntosh, TCW: Last week, BBC Radio Four’s evening news programme PM aired an interview with a ten-year old child who self-identifies as having a ‘non-binary’ gender. That is, s/he believes that s/he is neither a boy nor a girl, but both. The child, who was born a girl, has decided to call her/himself ‘Leo’. S/he was interviewed alongside her/his mother [we’ll proceed with just male pronouns from now on, before I go insane]. Leo’s mother explained his personality thus: “Leo is...

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