How Our Culture of Narcissism Creates Trans Obsessions

Oct 7, 2015 by

By David Marcus, The Federalist: The New York Post recently reported on a disturbing story of a woman in North Carolina who had herself blinded by a psychologist because she felt she was meant to be blind. This isn’t as unique a phenomenon as we would like to believe. In the psychiatric world, Body Integrity Identity Disorder describes this condition, where people believe they are meant to have a disability. This leads many to live a transable lifestyle, where either they simulate disability or intentionally become disabled. Transablism has not reached the same level of cultural acceptance as its more respected cousin, transgenderism, but it is not clear why. When we accept the basic arguments in favor of transgenderism we are more or less forced to accept the arguments for transablism as well. In both cases, individuals claim their physical condition does not match their psychological reality. In both...

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Transgender parenting

Oct 5, 2015 by

By Peter Ould, courtesy of Ian Paul, Psephizo: Question : When a human with XY chromosomes contributes sperm towards the conception of a child, are they are the father or mother of the consequential child? Answer : It’s a bit complicated… Peter Ould writes: The news this week thattransgender model Fay Purdham is asking for donations to help her conceive a child with her sperm that was frozen before surgery raises a number of interesting ethical and theological questions for Christians to grapple with. Caroline Farrow has already accused Purdham of a “disturbed mentality” in wanting to be both (biological) father and (nurture) mother to her child. Others have use the language of narcissism, in that this appears to be a highly self-indulgent act on behalf of Purdham. I want to step away from the immediate case at hand and instead ask us to consider the wider implications of what is...

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The sheer insanity of wanting to be mother and father to your child

Oct 3, 2015 by

By Caroline Farrow, The Conservative Woman: If you thought that insisting that removing gendered language from childbirth to accommodate the fantasy that men can give birth was outrageous, then let me introduce you to Fay Purdham. Miss Purdham, a 27 year-old transgender model, wants to take narcissistic fantasy to its very zenith by aiming to become both the mother and father to a baby. Prior to completing her sex-change, Fay decided to freezesome of her sperm (what else is a girl to do) which she now intends to use in her quest to have a baby. Of course, there’s a teensy weensy snag in that Mother Nature has cruelly not provided poor Fay with the correct set of equipment to either conceive or carry her own child, the operation only taking care of the external cosmetics, therefore she only has one option open to her. That’s right, set up...

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Transgender model appeals for funds so she can pay a surrogate to carry her child

Oct 2, 2015 by

By Lexi Finnigan, Telegraph: A transgender model has launched a £100,000 appeal for a surrogate so she can fulfil her dream of becoming a mother. Fay Purdham, 27, had her sperm frozen before she became a woman and told The Sun she is now looking for someone to carry her child. Fay, from Middlesbrough, was born Kevin McCamley and started the process of becoming a woman aged 16. She spent £30,000 of her own money and £30,000 on the NHS for medical procedures to change sex but froze some sperm beforehand. Ms Purdham, from Newcastle, has now launched a crowdfunding campaignto help her find a surrogate and said: “Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother. “I have transitioned to my chosen gender, but it’s a huge task and cost to do this, so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me...

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Let’s get this straight. A man cannot give birth

Sep 30, 2015 by

By Caroline Farrow, The Conservative Woman: Did you know that describing the state of pregnancy as being solely applicable to women is considered offensive?  No, dear reader, neither did I, until I read this earnestly written column, stating that transphobia is rampant in the midwifery world. Up until 2014, The Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) had, sensibly and reasonably enough, referred to their clients as women and mothers. Then at some point last year, presumably having imbibed the gender theory kool-aid at some diversity conference or other, they changed most of the language in their core competency documents to reflect the notion that some transgender, gender queer and intersex individuals may require midwifery care and do not identify as women.  Well I hate to burst your navel-gazing bubbles, but frankly it doesn’t matter whether or not you identify as next-door’s cat. If you are in possession of a...

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Calling colours by their real names

Sep 29, 2015 by

By Jeremiah Beanfarmer: As little Johnny stood in the crowd, holding tight to his mother’s hand, waiting for the Emperor to arrive, he reflected on how confusing things were nowadays. When he had started in reception at Primary School, he had gone over the names of the colours with the other children. The houses that they painted were simple: a square box with windows and a door, green grass, blue sky, yellow sun. But then things changed in his second year. The teachers started talking about people who saw things differently. For them, grass is blue and the sky is green and the sun is black. Even though Johnny and his classmates had never met anyone who believed this, they were told solemnly never to make fun of such people. In fact even though some children got bullied mercilessly for having ginger hair, unfashionable trainers or being slightly overweight,...

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