Aid agencies and the balance of power

Feb 14, 2018 by

Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden Church of England Newspaper . February 16 2018 At the heart of the issue raised by Oxfam’s activities in Haiti in 2011 is the imbalance of power in any charitable engagement with powerless and poor people. Aid workers need far more oversight for the use of their...

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The Anglican Crisis: It’s not about sex

Feb 13, 2018 by

Comment:  Though almost ten years old and placed in the US context, the Revd Dr Kendall Harmon accurately describes what orthodox Christians are up against now in the UK.  Harmon helpfully deploys the imagery of the iceberg to illustrate what is at stake.  He lists doctrines of sex (above the...

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Sacred Mysteries: A Valentine flambé for Ash Wednesday dinner

Feb 11, 2018 by

by Christopher Howse, Telegraph: St Valentine’s Day on February 14 happens to be Ash Wednesday this year, the beginning of Lent and a day of fasting. This could be awkward. It is not that St Valentine’s Day is a great feast in the Church’s year. We know nothing about him apart from his martyrdom...

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Jen Hatmaker and the Power of De-Conversion Stories

Feb 10, 2018 by

by Michael Kruger, The Gospel Coalition: When it comes to reaching the “lost,” one of the most tried-and-true methods is the personal conversion story. Whether done privately or publicly, it’s compelling to hear about how someone came to believe in the truth of the gospel and the Bible. Such...

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Petition: Bring in a new law to protect religious freedoms

Feb 7, 2018 by

From WHY DO WE NEED A LAW? Religious freedoms in the UK have taken centuries to build, but intolerance, complacency and uniformity are slowly eroding them away. It’s easy to sit back and ignore the damage because, like erosion, it’s not always immediately visible on the...

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Muscular conservatism is what we need to counter this cultural destruction

Feb 4, 2018 by

by David Kurten, TCW: The chief of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman, has called for ‘muscular liberalism’ to promote tolerance and diversity. Tolerance is one of four modern ‘British Values’ identified for the Prevent strategy that was forced upon schools in 2014. It is ill-defined, however, in reality...

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