Fort Worth in impaired communion with some ACNA dioceses

Nov 17, 2017 by

by Jack Iker, Anglican Ink: The second event on the Provincial level is the completion of the five-year study of the Task Force on Holy Orders, concerning the ordination of women, and the meeting of the College of Bishops to discuss the report for the first time at a conclave in Victoria, British...

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Mawer, Percy, and the See of Sheffield: what if Conservative politicians had supported Philip North?

Sep 25, 2017 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Sir Philip Mawer’s report on the circumstances surrounding the nomination of Bishop Philip North to the See of Sheffield makes interesting reading, in particular what it means for the ‘mutual flourishing’ of both proponents of women priests and bishops, and those unable to...

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CofE Sleeping with the Enemy

Sep 23, 2017 by

from Anglican Unscripted: Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden discuss the recent 40-page report by Sir Philip Mawer on the supposed ‘mutual flourishing’ in the Church of England, with particular reference to Bishop Philip North.  Gavin points out that there have been numerous women...

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Ft. Worth Standing Committee Responds to ACNA Ordination of Women Statement

Sep 21, 2017 by

from Virtueonline: Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in the strong name of our Risen Lord. I write you on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, which met on Monday, September 18, 2017, to review and discuss with our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jack Iker, the...

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Ban conservative bishops until we have gender equality, Church told

Sep 19, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: A senior Anglican academic is calling on the Church of England not to appoint any ‘traditionalists’ – those opposed to women priests – until a third of all bishops are women. Warning the Church is damaging ‘its public witness and Christian...

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Sheffield debacle shows CofE needs to promote more traditionalists, campaigners say

Sep 18, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today: The Church of England is being called to address a ‘deficit’ in the number of traditionalists in senior positions after a review into why one bishop felt forced to step back from a promotion. The Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, from the CofE’s...

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