‘Christians are Nazis’: Church sprayed with vile graffiti telling people to ‘bash bigots’ and ‘crucify No voters’

Oct 15, 2017 by

by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia:

A church has been tagged with vile ‘bash bigots’ graffiti – even though it isn’t telling parishioners how to vote on gay marriage.

Drew Mellor, the head pastor of Glen Waverley Anglican Church in Melbourne‘s south-east, discovered the spray can attack early on Sunday morning.

He was particularly upset with a tags which had threats of violence via the phrases, ‘Vote Yes, bash bigots’ and ‘crucify No voters’.

‘That’s very unsettling for some of our older members of our church this morning,’ Dr Mellor told Daily Mail Australia on Sunday.

‘Some asked, ‘Does that mean we’re going to be bashed?’.

Dr Mellor also took exception to a cross and a Nazi swastika being sprayed on either side of an equals sign.

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