Church missing the opportunity to speak to young people about key issues, report warns

Jan 11, 2017 by

from EA:

The majority of churches in Great Britain are failing to talk to young people about the issues they’re facing, according to new research.  

Youthscape, a Luton-based charity delivering innovative youth work across the country, has launched a report call Losing Heart, which surveyed 2,054 churches across England, Scotland and Wales to identify the needs of those working with children and young people.  

The report found only half of churches “often” speak to their young people about the basics of the Christian faith.  

Chris Curtis, the CEO of Youthscape, said: “This report is more a sober warning from a doctor than an autopsy of a dead body. Youth and children’s work in churches isn’t dead, but we’re badly out of shape and a change of lifestyle is urgently required.” 

Losing Heart claims the majority of the churches “never” discuss the subjects of pornography, same-sex attraction, other world faiths and drugs and addiction with their young people. 

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