Church of Uganda seeks $60,000 for food aid for famine-relief

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The Archbishop of Uganda’s secretary for International Relations writes:

"Uganda is experiencing serious drought and famine in northeastern, northern, and northwestern Uganda. People have now started to die. The government says it can handle the situation, but that’s what the government is supposed to say.  And, if they could handle the situation, people should not have already started to die.

We are seeking for funds for emergency relief for famine victims in Uganda. The hardest hit area is the Teso sub-region (Soroti, Kumi areas, if you’re looking at a map) in eastern Uganda.

Rev. Canon George Bagamuhunda, Coordinator of Planning, Development, and Rehabilitation, has written the attached proposal. We would request, something….anything that could help save lives in the immediate situation.  When the crisis is over, we can begin to think about other development proposals that would help prevent such a serious crisis, even if drought comes again. There are micro-irrigation schemes, drought-resistant crops, etc. – all of these things can be explored. But, at the moment, what is needed immediately is food!"

Canon Alison Barfoot.

Donations can be made through Paypal on the top right hand side of the website – or to AID, 21 High Street, Eynsham, OX29 4HE ( CAF and Gift Aid cheques to "Anglican Mainstream (for AID)"



Teso sub-region formerly Teso District, is located in the North-Eastern Uganda. It consists of districts of Soroti, Kumi, Katakwi, Amuria, Kaberamaido and Bukedea. The inhabitants are Iteso and Kumam ethnic groups. The region borders Karamoja in the north, Lira in the west and Mbale in the south.

The region has been affected by chronic drought and occasional floods for a long time. This situation however, has worsened since 2007, when the region was hit with severe floods, the insurgency by LRA and cattle-rustling by Karimanjong have all contributed to persistent food insecurity in Teso in sub region for decades now. As a result, limited acreage has been prepared for agriculture, livestock decimated, food reserves depleted and people have been weakened by diseases. As a result of the drought which has affected crop production and pastures for livestock, people have resorted to eating wild weeds.

Katakwi and Amuria districts are dominated by sandy loam soils that easily release moisture to hot and dry conditions and yet the households therein depend on annual crops. Shortage of moisture is quite stressful to short term annual crops with short gestation periods and determinate lifecycles because they grow fast, flower and mature at once and when harvested the plants basically die.

According to reports from Katakwi and Amuria districts indicated poor rainfall distribution and low amounts. Poor household food security in the districts was also reported. This happened in the phase of events in which almost all agencies providing relief food assistance to the 2007 flood victims had programmed their assistance to end in July 2008.

A cute hunger was reported in Katakwi and Amuria Districts by April 2009. According to Districts Technical Team Survey of Amuria District, 24,000 households of Amuria’s population of 320,000 were already vulnerable to hunger as early as April, 2009. The number has since risen to over 35,000 and as result, 9 people have already died of hunger.

The target beneficiaries will be the children, elderly people, breast-feeding mothers and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Proposed Emergency Response:

The specific objective of this intervention is to assist 100 households in each of the 1 parish in Katakwi and Amuria Districts who are severely affected by the drought by providing the following:
Provision of maize flour:    33,600
Provision of Beans:        16,800
Provision of common salt.    1,600 kgs

Actions to date and Emergency Needs

The assessment was undertaken in light of the erratic and low rainfall with long dry spells. This raised concerns from various food security stakeholders. It was also undertaken as part of the of the routine activities normally undertaken by the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) and in this case, in particular, the Food and Agriculture working group of the DDMC.

The situation in Teso sub-region is escalating to due persistent droughts and seasonal foods which have affected the region for a long period now.

Gender concerns have been undertaken into consideration during the design of the intervention and will continue to be concern since the number of vulnerable persons has been identified.
S/NO    Proposed activity    Output    Indicator    Responsible Persons
1.    Resource Mobilization    Resources to make intervention    200 households assisted with food    Teso Development Diocesan Office
2    Selection of target beneficiaries    200 households selected for assistance    200 households assisted with food    TEDDO
3    Purchase of items    Items purchased    Receipts from suppliers    TEDDO
4    Transportation of items    Items delivered to targeted parishes    Delivery notes signed by TEDDO    TEDDO
5    Distribution of items    Items distributed    Acknowledgements of receipts distributed    TEDDO
6    Reporting    Progress reports made    Reports produced and shared with Partners    PDR and TEDDO

Implementation arrangement:

The Church of Uganda PDR will spearhead the implementation of the intervention. The Church of Uganda PDR will network with TEDDO in the implementation of intervention.

The Church of Uganda PDR and TEDDO will work hand in hand with the Government of Uganda and Local authorities at grass root level. Church of Uganda PDR will share information with WFP and other community based agencies in the implementation of the intervention.
The Principles of code of conduct have been considered and will be strictly adhered to.


All implementation of the invention will be coordinated by Church of Uganda PDR and TEDDO with local authorities in the Districts of Amuria and Katakwi.


The Provincial Secretary is the official spokespersons of the Province of the Church of Uganda and is available to assist in the transmission activities in the media.

The implementation of this intervention will be carried out in the period of 2 months


1. FOOD               
Maize flour    Kgs    33,600    2,000=    67,200,000=
Beans    Kgs    16,800    2,000=    33,600,000=
Salt    Kgs    1,600    800    1,280,000=
2.TRANSPORT &HANDLING               
Hire of lorries     Trips    3    1,500,000=    4,500,000=
Storage, loading and offloading    weeks    2    500,000=    1,000,000=
Running costs for PDR vehicles    Trips    8    500,000=    4,000,000=
3.MONITORING                2,000,000=
Administrative Coordination contribution    Months    2    3,000,000=    6,000,000=
Office maintenance costs    months    2    200,000=    400,000=
Bank Charges    Months    2    300,000=    600,000=
Stationery    Months     2    200,000=    400,000=
Telephone,emails &fax    Months    2    100,000=    200,000=
Water/Electricity    Months     2    100,000=    200,000=
Report production    Months    2    200,000=    400,000=
External Audit                3,000,000=
GRAND TOTAL                124,780,000

Uganda Shillings 124,780,000= equal to $59137 at the exchange rate of 2110 U$1

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