Crushing, corrupt political correctness just had its Berlin Wall moment

Jan 26, 2017 by

by James Delingpole, Spectator:

The uniformity of thought required by the establishment today is reminiscent of the old Eastern Bloc.

Because we’re all so obsessed with what it was that made the Nazis tick, we tend to overlook the bigger mystery of how hundreds of millions of people, for a period considerably longer than the lifespan of Hitler’s Germany, remained under the spell of communism.

This is a question that Czeslaw Milosz set out to answer in his 1953 classic The Captive Mind. Milosz was a Polish poet, prominent in the underground during the Nazi occupation, who served as a cultural attaché with Poland’s post-war communist regime before quitting in disgust and fleeing to the US, where he taught at Berkeley and achieved eminence as a Nobel-prize-winning dissident exile.

What Milosz particularly wanted to know was how so many of his literary and intellectual contemporaries embraced dialectical materialism — the only permitted way of thinking in the ‘imperium of the East’ — when, being intelligent and cultured and sensitive, they ought to have seen it was a nonsense that bore no relation to observed reality.

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[Editor’s note: the posting of this article does not indicate Anglican Mainstream’s support or otherwise for President Trump, but for the point the author makes about how ‘Groupthink’ makes otherwise intelligent and moral people follow and slavishly endorse the ideas of the ruling establishment. In a few months it may be necessary to use more examples of right-wing Groupthink…]


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