‘Damaging’ transgender curriculum is about to invade 7-year-olds’ classrooms in the UK

Mar 4, 2017 by

by Lisa Bourne, LifeSite:

In a move that’s causing controversy, children as young as seven will be exposed to gender ideology in UK elementary schools later this month through a new book from an LGBT activist on “medical transitioning.”

The taxpayer-funded Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? by CJ Atkinson, approved by the United Kingdom’s Department for Education, advises teachers, parents and students against using language suggesting there are only two genders. It shows the use of hormone blockers through a fictional 12-year-old who is “transitioning” from female to male so she can stop the onset of puberty.

Religious leaders and politicians in the UK are among those calling the book  ”damaging,” but the book’s author is pushing back.

“We call it trans-panic,” Atkinson stated in an interview with The Guardian. “This mud-slinging has to stop. It causes active harm.” Atkinson then cited the high rate of suicide attempts among transgender youth.

“The world is changing,” the author argued. “A book like this is needed.”

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