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If you’d like to contribute to the work of Anglican Mainstream, or support one of our appeals, you can do so here. Thank you for your concern – we appreciate your support and prayer.

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Other ways of giving to Anglican Mainstream

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  • By bank transfer to Anglican Mainstream, sort code 16-10-15, account number 10129556
  • By sending a cheque payable to Anglican Mainstream to 21 High Street, Eynsham, OX29 4HE.

Anglican Mainstream is a Charity and tax can be reclaimed on eligible donations. A Gift Aid form can be found here if this is relevant to you. Please contact us if you would like to be sent a Standing Order Form, or if you have any questions. 


2016-2017 appeal:



Many young people in Kenya face poverty and unemployment, but today there are ideological pressures as well… In some cases, young people are being led into dangerous lifestyles. Serious sexual abuse, a lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity, and the (often tourist-driven) temptation of earning money through prostitution, is affecting both girls and boys

…As well as providing a safe space for counselling and Christian discipleship, the Centre also provides teaching on health, literacy and numeracy, art and sport, and…the aim is for the Centre to train young people in practical employable skills, and also to develop income generating capacity of its own.

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To donate, send to General Fund (see above) and please mark your donation ‘4108 MSC Africa’.