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Articles for reflection and devotion this Easter

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Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter Letter

Celebrating Palm Sunday on Jesus Green, by Adam Atkinson, C of E website

Easter: Power and money, judgment and destiny, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Palm Sunday – Christians cry ‘Hosanna’ but the world seeks another Messiah, by Archbishop Cranmer

The power of the Cross, by George Weigel, First Things

What’s so good about Good Friday? By Justin Holcomb, Christianity.com [a clear evangelical exposition of the meaning of the atonement].

You can’t be Christian if you don’t believe in the Resurrection, says former Queen’s Chaplain, by Olivia Rudgard, Telegraph

If there is no resurrection, you’re following a dead Christ, by David Robertson, The Wee Flea

Do Christians really not believe in the Resurrection? by Peter Ould and Ian Paul, Psephizo

Lee Gatiss on the Bible Readings for Easter Sunday (Lectionary Year A), from Church Society Blog

The offence of the cross: Why extremists attack churches at Easter, Barnabas Fund

Killing the author of life, by Andrea Williams, Christian Concern

Words of Jesus to be emblazoned on London buses this Easter, by James Macintyre, Christian Today

Maundy Thursday: the Church divided and united by the Eucharistic mystery from Archbishop Cranmer

A selection of Easter Messages from Anglican Primates

The Cross reminds us Christianity is about God’s love, Rev Julian Mann, TCW

Good Friday: the death of the Messiah, Archbishop Cranmer

Good Friday Reveals the True Revolutionary on Calvary, Crisis Magazine

This Joyful Eastertide

The Resurrection Difference, Crisis Magazine

Easter is a time of suffering but also a time of great hope as Christians overcome persecution by George Carey, The Sun

He is risen! Hallelujah! Let us speak more about the Resurrection of Christ by Archbishop Cranmer

Fern Britton’s Holy Land journey, BBC iPlayer (available for 28 days)

Theresa May’s Easter Message, Conservative Home

Christ’s conquest of death sets us free, TCW

 The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter 2017 Sermon

Why we can believe the Resurrection, Christian Today

This Easter, have faith in the British way of life, Telegraph Editorial

 May’s Easter message. Most people don’t go to church. But they want a Christian country. by Rebecca Coulson, Conservative Home

After Easter: The Political Theology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Messiah, Public Discourse

The triumph of the Cross – Conservative Home, Andrew Grimson

What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died? – Guardian, Dr Simon Gathercole

The importance and credibility of belief in Jesus’ resurrection – Christian Medical Comment, Dr Peter Saunders

Muslims too revere Jesus Christ, and Easter should be a time to commemorate his teachings – Telegraph, Sajda Khan (this article makes it clear that Muslims and Christian believe different things, but it bemoans the lack of interest in following Christ among many so-called ‘Christians’ in the West).

The Relevance of the Resurrection– Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Of First Importance: The Priority of the Cross and the Empty Tomb by Albert Mohler

Easter meaning. C of E training. The faithful are deciding. By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream [Two takes on the Road to Emmaus story – a clergyman says it’s about the death and resurrection of Christ according to the Scriptures, but a cathedral Dean says it’s about journey, conversation and hospitality].


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