General Synod 13-16 Feb

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Synod proceedings

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Selected highlights to follow, for information and prayer:

Monday 13 Feb

4.15pm GS 2044 Debate on the Anniversary of the Reformation

5pm Presidential Address from the Archbishop of Canterbury

5.30pm Questions (pre-selected questions from Synod members, including a number relating to the Bishops’ Report GS2055 on same sex relationships, and answers from the Bishops, can be found here)

Wednesday 15 Feb

12 noon: Presentation of GS2055

2-4.30pm: Group discussions around GS 2055

5.30-7pm “Take Note” debate: whether to receive GS2055 and take note that it has been delivered, or not. (A debate is already occurring about whether voting to ‘Take Note’ is simply a neutral, administrative event, or whether it involves acknowledgement of the central thinking and conclusions of the Report as a basis for going forward).

Thursday 16 Feb

9.45am Speech by The Most Revd Dr Josiah Atkins Idowu Fearon – Secretary General of the Anglican Communion. (This is significant, as Dr Idowu Fearon recently gave an interview highly critical of GAFCON, and suggesting that the way forward in the sexuality debate is to find ways of reconciling those in conflict, rather than establishing the truth of what God requires of us from the Bible. See this article for further analysis.)

10.15  “Setting God’s People Free”: Debate on a Motion from the Archbishops’ Council on the Report of the Lay Leadership Task Group. (See AM editorial summary and comment here).

General Synod February group of sessions 2017: Monday

Articles relating to General Synod on the subject of sexuality and GS2055

Debate hots up as Synod’s sexuality take-note approaches by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

Presentations from the Bishop of Norwich and the Bishop of Willesden

Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury following today’s General Synod

Anglicans come a step closer to gay marriages in church after vote rejects controversial report, Telegraph

Take Note Debate Voted Down from Inclusive Church

On Synod, sexuality, and not ‘Taking note’ by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Church Of England’s Gay Marriage Vote: Did It Fail By Accident? by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Gay Christians Warned Not To Expect Change Soon After CofE Votes Down Sexuality Report by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Church of England to plan response after rejection of same-sex report by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

CofE Clergy Refuse to “Take Note” of “Orthodox” Bishops’ Report on Marriage by David Ould

GAFCON UK responds to the Synod vote, and offers a new vision for faithful Anglicanism

Letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York following General Synod

WATCH:  Sam Allberry, Andrea Minichiello Williams, Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

LISTEN:  15th February 2017 – Lies, Damn Lies and Synodics, Peter Ould, Radio Free Canterbury

Other articles related to general Synod

Donald Trump is part of a ‘fascist tradition of politics, says Archbishop, by Patrick Foster, Telegraph

Church of England Ministers could work beyond the age of 70 to ease recruitment crisis, by Olivia Rudgard, Telegraph

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