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Pakistan Convicts 42 Christians of Terrorism After Acquitting More Than 100 Muslims, Christianity Today

‘Disgraceful’ Church of England leaves persecuted Nigerians to their fate, by Jenny Taylor, Lapido Media

Why are Christian organizations campaigning against helping Christians flee the Middle East genocide? Barnabas Fund Editorial

Germany: Terrorism, Violence, and Destruction of Christian Symbols, Observatory on Intolerance

ISIS Guard Couldn’t Take It Anymore, Flees After Seeing Rapes And Brutal Treatment Of Sex Slaves by Hazel Torres, Christian Today

Who will protect Nigeria’s northern Christians? by Douglas Murray, Spectator

Religious freedom in the Muslim world: a nuanced appraisal, by Daniel Philpott, Public Discourse

More brutality – and more grace, by Alan Craig, Alan’s Angle

Barnabas Fund challenges BBC to correct “wholly wrong” statement on Christian refugees in the USA”

Religious intolerance in the Gulf States – Analysis, by Kilal Khashan, Eurasia Review

Freedom to report the persecution of Christians threatened, Barnabas Fund Editorial

The West’s Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted Christians, Gatestone Institute

Christian Leaders Denounce Trump’s Plan to Favor Christian Refugees by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times

Freedom to report the persecution of Christians threatened: Barnabas Fund Editorial

Analysis: Religious intolerance in the Gulf States, Eurasia Review

Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump, Gatestone Institute

Why does the West say “no room at the inn” for Christian refugees fleeing Syria? Barnabas Fund editorial

90,000 Christians killed for their faith in 2016 alone, religion expert claims, by Czarina Ong, Christian Today

Dame Louise Casey: Replacing on form of intolerance with another, from Grassroots Conservatives

The top 50 countries where it’s hardest to be a Christian, by Jeremy Weber, Christianity Today

Christian evangelist cleared at Sherriff’s court, from Christian Concern

Can the church survive the Islamist onslaught, Barnabas Fund editorial


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