Greetings to Bishop Donald Harvey and the Vancouver Churches from the chair of the Church of England Evangelical Council

May 27, 2009 by

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To Bishop Donald Harvey, Anglican Network in Canada

Dear Bishop Donald

I write personally and on behalf of the Church of England Evangelical Council to assure you of our prayers, love and support in the atrocious ordeal you are facing in having to justify your ministry for Jesus Christ in a Court of Law. Many of us have been praying for you in this first day of the hearing, and will continue in this way in our solidarity with you throughout this difficult time.

We thank God for your faithful witness, bravery and prayerful attitude throughout. I know the CEEC would want me to say that we are deeply conscious that you are a genuine and authentic part of the Anglican Communion, and equally that the orthodox ministry you offer in these times is of critical value. Thank you so much for facing with deep faith and bravery the pressures piled upon  you at this time.

With the love of so many of your brothers and sisters here in the UK, especially those of us in fellowship with the CEEC


The Venerable Michael Lawson

Chairman of the Church of England Evangelical Council


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