Harassment of Christians: global news (updated regularly)

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Archbishop of Canterbury condemns Christian persecution in letter to churches around the world, by Joseph Hartropp, Christian Today

Bishops tell Theresa May: stop ignoring Christian persecution in Iran, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

How the first persecuted Christians defended religious tolerance for all, by Chris Sugden, Global Christian News

UK per and US Bishop narrowly escape deadly ambush on Nigeria visit, by Hassan John, GCN

Under Caesar’s sword – new documentary on Christian communities whose religious freedom is violated

Religious freedom under attack [a view on the situation in the US], by Dale O’Leary

UK convert to Christianity forced to flee his home, by Wilson Chowdhry, British Pakistani Christians

Christians to floodlight churches red for Middle East martyrs, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech in Abu Dhabi on religious freedom

Christian persecution rising as 75% of world’s population lacks religious freedom, by Anugrah Kumar

Imbalanced Western media silencing the cry of Christians in Aleppo, from Barnabas Fund

Persecution of Christians is getting worse, EU special envoy warns, by Antony Bushfield, Premier

Muslim children in Pakistan taught to hate Christians, says Archbishop, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Turkey must not be allowed to stop Christian returning to Mosul, Barnabas Fund editorial

Oppression of churches in North Sudan mounts as Islamisation increases, Barnabas Fund

How the Chibok girls have given hope to persecuted Christians everywhere, by Hassan John, Global Christian News

Unprecendented: Hungary opens office for persecuted Christians, by Raymond Ibrahim, Frontpage Mag

Open Doors: Religiously motivated attacks on 743 Christian refugees in Germany, from Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe

The continuing trial of Asia Bibi, by Arun Arora, C of E Communications

This Christian woman was locked in a shipping container and tortured – because she kept saying the name of Jesus, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Why are there so few Christian refugees from Syria in the UK? By Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Christian politician stabbed to death in India, and other attacks, from Barnabas Fund website

“Failure across the board” to protect Christian converts from Islam, by Aaron James, Premier


“Christian girls are only meant for one thing – the pleasure of Muslim men”, by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute

Christian writer shot dead for ‘insulting’ Islam, from Christian Today

Release International presses Pakistan to set Asia Bibi free and repeal blasphemy law, RI website

Religious freedom: the basis for human rights, and the survival of Christians in the Middle East, by Ignatius Joseph Younan, The Public Discourse

Pakistani police take part in mob desecration of church in Punjab, from Barnabas Fund

Anglican Bishop warns of disturbing global trends, from VirtueOnline

More Christian killed in Nigeria by Boko Haram, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

“They could no longer endure the harassment”: an interview with the head of the ZOCD group working with refugees, from Intolerance against Christians

Christian summer camp organizers detained by police for ‘indoctrinating minors’, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Christian executed in Iran spoke of meeting Jesus before his death, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Christian leader arrested in Russia as law banning evangelism goes into effect, by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post

Recent news of attacks on Christians from Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Ethiopia, from Barnabas Fund

Please don’t leave, Middle East church leaders beg Christians, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Saudi Arabia: 27 Christians arrested and deported fro conducting Christian prayers in private residence, by Raymond Ibrahim, JihadWatch

Church attacks: love alone will not save us, by George Igler, Gatestone Institute

We can defeat Islamist terror, but not on our own, by Michael Nazir-Ali, Standpoint

Western self-hatred makes jihad possible, by William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine

Christian migrants in Germany hiding Bibles amid death threats from Muslims, by Christine Williams, Jihad Watch

The Islamic State’s dehumanization of Christians is nothing new, by Oliver Lane, Breitbart

Why is the UK Home Office ignoring attacks on Christians by Islamists? Barnabas Fund editorial

Bangladesh: Islamists step up persecution of Christians after rapid rise in conversions, by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

UK Coptic Orthodox Church Statement on persecution of Christians in Egypt

No Coup for Christians in Turkey, FRC

Latest from Evangelical Fellowship of India on horrific incidents of persecution

[China]: Chinese Authorities Threaten to Ban Christian Children from Entering College, Serving in the Military – Gospel Herald

 Nigeria: 200 Muslims storm and destroy Catholic church – Christian Today

Christian refugees face death threats from Muslims in camps, say German churches, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Pakistan: Christian girl abducted, father murdered; Christian man’s arms cut off, and other stories of violence against Christians, from Lead Family Pakistan

South Sudan: Untold Number of Christians Massacred, Thousands Taking Refuge in Churches as Ceasefire Begins by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post

Why Are Progressives On An Anti-Christian Witch Hunt? by Rachel Lu, The Federalist

Barnabas Fund calls for a national conversation about anti-Christian prejudice and bullying

Nepal To Prosecute Evangelical Christians For Spreading Bibles, BosNewsLife

Being a Christian Has Never Been More Dangerous by Katie Bergman, Relevant Magazine

Christian America’s ‘High Noon’ moment, by Robert Oscar Lopez, American Thinker

They won’t take prisoners; there won’t be sanctuaries, by Renzo Puccetti, LifeSite

How bad will it get? Bracing for religious persecution in the West by Lea Singh, LifeSite

Bishop Warduni speaks out on plight of Chaldean Christians, Miriam Raftery, East County Magazine

Nepali Christian arrested on proselytising charges for handing out Bibles, Christopher Sharma, AsiaNews

Coptic Archbishop urges end to sectarian violence amid growing attacks on Christians, by James MacIntyre, Christian Today

Thousands Fasting After Russian President Putin Signs Law Banning Evangelism Outside of Churches by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post

Church singers compared to ISIS & Nazis by columnist from The Christian Institute

Abuja preacher murdered: “they killed my mother like a chicken”, from Vanguard (Nigeria)

Four street preachers arrested in Bristol, by Mark Woods, Christian Today

Christian pharmacist attacked, decapitated in attack during Ramadan, from Barnabas Fund

Putin signs draconian anti-Christian provisions into law, from Barnabas Fund


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