Islamism is a far bigger problem than Islamophobia

Jul 14, 2017 by

by Patrick West, spiked:

Many of you may have heard on Wednesday morning a report on BBC Radio 4 about the recent rise of Islamophobia in Britain. It proceeded with the customary narrative: that Muslims in this country now feel frightened, that displays of Islamophobia rise after Islamist attacks, and that we must be on our guard for associated racist incidents.

The liberal-left is obsessed by the spectre of Islamophobia. Whenever there is a terrorist outrage, its leading lights are always keen to move the debate on – from the problem of Islamism, the number of jihadists in this country and the incubation of so many would-be mass child-murderers in Britain – and on to the safer ground of Islamophobia.

The fact that an anti-Islamic backlash never materialises is of little importance. Sections of the liberal-left will always invoke the phantom menace of ‘Islamophobia’ because it makes them look good. It puts them on the side of tolerance, dialogue and understanding. Rather than address the problem of extreme Islam, the BBC and the Guardian gurgle sanctimonious banalities, or else issue lofty, slanderous warnings about your average, mentally subnormal Englishman’s fragile propensity for racism. Those who want to talk about Islamism – a far greater and tangible menace to our society – risk being tarnished as racists.

This is the problem with those on the liberal-left when it comes to race and religion. They are cowards. They are terrified of losing face by uttering socially incorrect opinions. They care foremost and utmost about their social standing and reputation. Thus they eschew any words that might imperil their beneficent public image.

Rather than risk making a faux pas, they instead embark on displacement activity. For instance, since the establishment of the Conservative-DUP alliance, there has been much superior hollering in north London about the prehistoric opinions held by some Ulster Protestants with regards to homosexuality and abortion. Yes, some of them indeed won’t make cakes for gays and some of them do take Leviticus rather seriously. But what are such old-fashioned views compared to the epidemic of ‘grooming’ rape gangs that have been allowed to fester in towns such as Rotherham and Rochdale in recent years? All because the authorities were petrified of accusations of racism lest they intervene.

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