Italian doctor who called homosexuality a ‘health hazard’ cleared in defamation case

Dec 5, 2017 by

by Lisa Bourne, LifeSite:

An Italian Catholic doctor accused by LGBT activists of defamation after she highlighted in a Facebook post the skyrocketing rates of sexually transmitted disease among homosexuals has been found not guilty.

LGBT group Torino Pride had made the accusation against Dr. Silvana De Mari, alleging that in declaring homosexuality a “health hazard” she had defamed homosexuals.

De Mari, a surgeon and psychotherapist, was acquitted on the grounds that it would be impossible to ascertain who would have suffered injury because of her broad statement. De Mari said in her defense that it was clear that homosexuality was not a normal condition, referencing her own expertise, Breitbart reports.

“I have three specialties: psychotherapy, medicine and surgery,” she said. “I have been taking care of homosexual persons for 40 years.”


[…]  The Italian Public Prosecutor ruled De Mari’s statements did not comprise defamation since it would be impossible to identify the defamed parties, the decision coming after months of deliberation.

But her stance became more of an issue after a Facebook post she made in January of this year on the disturbing rates of sexually transmitted diseases among active homosexuals.

The post prompted a call for an interview from Italian radio show La Zanzara, according to a Church Militant report, followed by heated response and two follow-up interviews.

In the course of speaking with the radio station, De Mari forthrightly discussed threats to freedom of speech from the LGBT movement and spoke in further detail about the serious damage homosexual acts do to the human body. She’d said as well that, “gays live a tragic condition.”

De Mari has also condemned pedophilia, telling the Catholic daily La Croce around the same time earlier his year that, “Pedophilia is expanding, and the victims are always younger and younger.”

“Do you see what is happening today with our total indifference?” she queried. “Mankind has gone from papal infallibility to the infallibility of the American Psychiatric Association. If they establish that homosexuality isn’t a disorder of nature, they can very well establish that neither is pedophilia.”

LGBT activists accused De Mari of instigating social hatred and homophobia.


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