(Updated 5 Dec) Lambeth I:10 and the C of E

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The story so far. More recent articles at the bottom.

Lambeth Resolution I:10

The Church of England and Lambeth I:10. GAFCON UK publishes an article explaining the importance of Lambeth Resolution I:10 and gives numerous well-known examples of how this is being ‘violated’ in the C of E

A report appears in Christian Today: Row over release of gay clergy list, by Harry Farley

Listing ‘violators’ is outrageous, says Bishop, by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

GAFCON defends decision to release list, by Premier Journalist

Gafcon Gay Clergy List Prompts Hundreds To Sign ‘Proud List Of Violators’ by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Anglican Unscripted: Naming Names. Kevin Kallsen and George Conger see parallels in what happened in TEC in the 2000’s

GAFCON UK: The Church of England and Lambeth 1:10 – The Embarrassing Rainbow Elephant in the Room by David Ould

Canon Andy Lines of GAFCON UK debates with Bishop Nick Holtam on Radio 4

The Lambeth I:10 Briefing: Process and Motive, Truth and Love: GAFCON UK posts a follow-up article explaining more about the Lambeth I:10 piece:

William Nye, Secretary General to the Archbishop’s Council, publishes an open letter to Andy Lines on the C of E website: Secretary General responds to GAFCON UK

Church Of England Issues Fierce Rebuke To Conservative Body GAFCON by Harry Farley, Christian Today

The discourse of the sexuality debate, by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Secretary general William Nye rebukes GAFCON for ‘misleading’ briefing on sexuality by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

The perversion of Lambeth 1.10 by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Secretary-General’s letter shows why GAFCON UK is needed

CofE More Worried About ‘Twitter Mobs’ Than ‘What Is Right Before God’ Over Sexuality – GAFCON by Harry Farley, Christian Today

CROSSING THE RUBICON: Lambeth Resolution I.10, the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion by Stephen Noll, Gafcon

An open letter to the Secretary of the Archbishops’ Council, by David Holloway

Watch A 1:10 Eye Witness – Anglican Unscripted

Andrea Williams:  William Nye, GAFCON UK and the Archbishops’ Council from Christian Concern






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