“Lest We Forget…!”

Mar 12, 2017 by

by Edmund P Adamus:

The phrase above is one we adopt and use year in year out to recall with gratitude and solemnity the countless war dead who sacrificed their lives to defend and preserve our freedoms

There’s another “war” we must not forget..the war to fight for truth, goodness, justice and above all the natural and inalienable rights of parents to educate their children according to their conscientious beliefs. Nowhere was this more fiercely and forthrightly defended than by Pope Pius XI in his famous encyclical letter to German Catholics [before the start of the Second World War] -namely Mit Brennender Sorge [With Burning Sorrow]

It will be the 80th anniversary of this momentous document on Tuesday, March 14th. I think all parents, grandparents and priests who care about marriage and the family ought to revisit this document:

We should make it more widely known those troubling times, both in state and church, where the rights of parents were ever more ignored or diminished. Here is some historical background.

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