Letter of thanks from Bishop Ben Kwashi

Aug 9, 2007 by

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Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

Today is one of the days in the last eight days that there is clear evidence that your prayers for me, Gloria, the family and the diocese is being answered. I have gathered strength to be able to write this letter to thank each one of you for taking up and sharing our pain with us, for all your mails and phone calls, but most importantly, for praying to the Lord to assist us in our trials. We ourselves have been on our knees for our Korean brethren who have been held hostage by the Talibans in Afghanistan and we are also praying for the people in Darfur – Sudan, Congo and the entire Middle-east region.

It is fairly clear that the unwanted visitors who came to our house on the 24th of July 2007 about 2:00am were clear about their target: they came in with a ladder, sledge hammer, digger and other weapons .They came specifically to the back door, and spent at least 20 minutes before finally breaking in. This gave us some time to call for help. They had a fair idea where my bedroom was, broke the door and met me on my knees praying. They told me that they had come for me and that I should come with them. The rest is what you all know: God intervened, for even though they took me out to the place where they were to carry out their plan, the Lord changed their minds. They brought me back to my bedroom where God’s final victory was demonstrated, as I knelt to pray and read from the Bible Psalm 124 waiting for my death; a little while later Gloria joined me and we were praying together; about 10 minutes later they were gone. They took away valuables, all our cell–phones, laptop. jewellery and left behind massive destruction.

This letter is to appreciate you all for your prayers, for your support, care and concern. We are living in difficult times all around the world, and we must ensure that our faith in Jesus Christ is firmly rooted and grounded in the word of truth, the scripture, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We must hold on to the life changing power of the Gospel: it is the power of God to salvation for all who believe and we must not compromise. It is for this Gospel’s sake that we are being harassed, intimidated, persecuted and some have been killed for the sake of the same gospel. We must be unwavering, standing firm, upholding the truth of the word of God, knowing that those who have died in the faith for the sake of the gospel have not died in vain, and also that anyone who lives for the same gospel has this same assurance: it shall not be in vain.

In this we are certain that the gospel is worth living for and worth dying for. So that if we live, we live for the gospel and if we die, we die to the Lord. Of course this death could come by car-crash, plane crash, armed bandits, robbery, bomb-blast, war, terrorism or persecution etc. The means by which death will come, we do not know, but one thing we know is that whenever our time is up and our work is finished, we will go home to be with the Lord. So my brothers and sisters in the Lord, fellow pilgrims, stand firm in the hope we have in Jesus Christ who is the only one who is the way, the truth and the life. We thank you for your love, prayers, and the fellowship we share in the mission of the gospel of the Lord. This is the gospel alone that is able to save the whole world.

The Lord be with you,

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