Marie Stopes is killing Africa with your money

Jan 30, 2017 by

by Jonathan Saunders, Christian Concern:

You can make a lot of money from killing children. Especially if you kill a lot of them. Simon Cooke, CEO of Marie Stopes international (MSI), got paid £420,755 in 2015. [1]

MSI is a UK-based organization that works in 37 countries around the world. Its main business is abortion, with its 2015 Annual Report boasting 3.4 million ‘safe abortion and post abortion care services’. [2] Quite what ‘safe abortion’ is remains a mystery.

MSI’s UK practices have recently come under fire from the Care Quality Commission after an investigation revealing over 2,600 safety flaws including the pre-signing of abortion forms, inadequate care for women, staff failing to explain the abortion procedure, and so on.

MSI is also active in Africa. In most of these (16) African countries, abortion is not legal as majority of African populations consider abortion to be an attack on the life of the unborn.

A small pro-life organisation in the UK, Culture of Life Africa, has recently produced a short documentary (16 mins) about MSI’s activity in Uganda, which is well worth watching. It includes an interview with a former MSI employee. Abortion is illegal in Uganda.

The former clinic manager says that:

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