‘Neo-Pagan Sexual Morality’ Spreading Throughout Church, Warns Conservative Archbishop

Mar 9, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

An influential conservative archbishop is warning ‘neo-pagan sexual morality’ in the Church of England is at risk of spreading throughout the global Anglican Communion.

Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, head of the traditionalist GAFCON grouping, describes increasing calls for the Church to soften its stance against gay relationships as ‘distressing’. He says the ‘confusion’ over the issue is ‘now at greater risk of being spread’ throughout the global Anglican Communion.

Deep rifts exist between conservative Anglicans in the global south and the liberal Episcopal Church in the USA which permits gay marriage.

The CofE is seen as the heart of the Anglican Communion and a recent report by bishops that held a conservative view on marriage was rejected by its ruling general synod.

The report, Okoh said, ‘tried to face two ways’ while not permitting any change in marriage but calling for ‘maximum freedom’ for gay couples within existing laws.

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