Persecuted Christians: lobby government to prioritise this issue

May 12, 2017 by

Video from Barnabas Fund.

1100 years ago, during the reign of King Alfred in Southern England, Christians in other parts of the land were brutally targeted by invading pagan Vikings. Many Christians face a similar threat today in other parts of the world. “If Alfred had not taken specific action, Christianity would have been extinguished and our whole history would have been different”.

This year we celebrate the 500th  anniversary of the Reformation which put the Bible in people’s hands, and from it developed, among other things, the modern concept of freedom of religion.

  • Freedom to practice religion – not true in large parts of the world.
  • Freedom of worship, unimpeded by the State.
  • Freedom to build places of worship – permission often not granted in many parts of the world.
  • Freedom to choose and change religion. Punishable by death in some countries.
  • Freedom to persuade people of your own religion
  • No requirement for holders of high office to subscribe to certain beliefs.

We need action by the government to protect freedom of religion in this country and reclaim it in areas beyond our borders.

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Read Barnabas Fund Manifesto here

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