Reasons to be Cheerful

Jan 30, 2017 by

by Glynn Harrison:

I’m feeling cheerful. After 3 years of ‘shared conversations’, the Bishops of the Church of England have released their statement on sex, marriage and human sexuality. There’s much to welcome in what it says and many Anglicans like me who stand in the mainstream of the Church’s teaching are suddenly cautiously optimistic.

But that isn’t why I’m so cheerful right now. There’s a spring in my step because I think the (often co-ercive and strangely illiberal) ‘social liberalism’ that has been driving the sexual revolution is undergoing a sudden and significant weakening of its cultural power. There’s much to lament in recent political developments, of course, not least the rise of a dangerous xenophobia and an ugly ‘me-first’ strand of nationalism. But for those of us who believe that Christian teaching on the family, sex, singleness and marriage is integral to human flourishing, then the current shifts of power, and the suspicion of social and media elites, offers an opportunity to regroup, and re-articulate what our vision is about.

So amid the gloom of the Trump era, I think there are reasons to be cheerful. Here are 3 of them.

First, I’m cheerful because its getting ever more clear that the ‘promise’ of the sexual revolution has failed.

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