Religious freedom in the West

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Reclaiming religious freedom in the UK, from Barnabas Fund

Barnabas Fund is seeking a new Act of Parliament in the UK to guarantee seven fundamental aspects of freedom of religion. These seven freedoms have developed in the UK by various mechanisms over the last five centuries but are now under threat. A law to protect and guarantee them is urgently needed…

…Magna Carta’s affirmation that “the English Church shall be free” was gradually worked out over the centuries into seven specific aspects of freedom of religion:

Freedom to read the Bible in public (achieved 1537); Freedom to interpret the Bible without government interference (achieved 1559); Freedom of worship (achieved 1689); Freedom to choose, or change your faith or belief (achieved 1689); Freedom to preach and try to convince others of the truth of your beliefs (achieved 1812); Freedom to build churches and other places of worship (achieved 1812); Freedom from being required to affirm a particular worldview or set of beliefs in order to hold a public sector job or stand for election, work in professions such as teaching and law, or study at university (achieved by the repeal of various Test Acts between 1719 and 1888).

[This campaign will be supported by other organisations including Anglican Mainstream.]

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