Resignation from the Office of Chaplain to the Queen

Jan 22, 2017 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

I think it quite likely that on Sunday 22nd of January, BBC Radio 4 will announce on the Sunday programme, that I have resigned my position as a chaplain to the Queen.

In an interview with them recorded for the programme, I said that I didn’t want to discuss the matter on air, because I didn’t want the important discussion about the mistaken syncretism in St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow on the Feast of the Epiphany, to be obscured by events in my life.

But since it is likely to be reported in, in some way or another, I am going to offer some clarification here on my website.

Radio 4 were very keen to know the circumstances of my decision.

The answer was that after a conversation instigated by officials at Buckingham Palace,  I decided the most honourable course of action was to resign.

I have held the position for the last nine years. But over the last few years people who objected to my defending the Christian faith in public wrote to both Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace to try to get the association ended.

When I was confronted with these attempts to silence or defenestrate me, my reaction was to ask “in what way is a priest defending the faith on behalf of a monarch who was Defender of the Faith, incongruous or improper?”

Read here

Archbishop Cranmer comments here

Queen’s Chaplain Who Questioned Quran Prayers in Cathedral Steps Down After Attempts to ‘Silence, Defenstrate’ Him by Oliver J J Lane, Breitbart

Listen to Dr Asheden on BBC Radio 4 here (scroll in about 22 minutes)


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