267 bishops say they will attend Gafcon conference

May 8, 2008 by

By George Conger for CEN Organizers of the June Gafcon meeting in Jerusalem report that as of April 25, 267 bishops have registered for the June meeting in Jerusalem. Denounced as a rival gathering to the July Lambeth conference, a detailed agenda has yet to be released. Like Lambeth much of the conference will be devoted to worship and spiritual reflection. However, Gafcon will play host to bishops, clergy and lay leaders, and will also seek to formulate a common approach to the divisions of doctrine and discipline within the Anglican Communion. Approximately 150 bishops and conferees from Muslim majority countries unable to travel freely to Israel along with the Gafcon leadership team will meet at a resort on the Dead Sea in Jordan from June 18-22, while a further 600 are expected to join the self-styled “pilgrimage” in Jerusalem from June 22-29. Organizers note that many of the...

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Bishop David Anderson on getting our AC statistics right

May 7, 2008 by

This is from a recent weekly letter written by David Anderson of the American Anglican Council.  He presents the ‘other side of the news’ and does so well.  Details to subscribe below.  ‘Under the Schori public mantra, we are about at the end of the churches leaving – most of those so disposed to leave have done so. In fact, she is terribly out of touch with the real world; churches are leaving on a weekly basis. Now it is true that as long as one or two people don’t leave with the rest of the parish, and the bishop can hold onto the name and the building (four walls and a janitor) then TEC will claim that they haven’t lost the congregation. The truth is that a viable church has been lost to the diocese, and down the street in a school cafeteria or gymnasium a new orthodox Anglican Church has...

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Bishop Iker to attend 2008 Lambeth Conference

May 2, 2008 by

Bishop Jack Iker of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth confirmed today that he has accepted the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend the Lambeth Conference of Bishops, which is to meet July 16 thru August 3 at the University of Kent in England. Given the strained relations in the Anglican Communion and the role of the Lambeth Conference as one of the Four Instruments of Communion, Bishop Iker believes it is important for him to attend this gathering of Anglican Bishops from around the world that takes place once every 10 years. "I stand in solidarity with all those Bishops who have decided, as a matter of conscience, that they are unable to be at Lambeth," said Bishop Iker. "However, given the situation the Diocese of Fort Worth finds itself in with the unfolding realignment that is taking place in Anglicanism, I think it is important...

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Gospel Grip and Fulcrum Fantasy – a response to Tom Wright's Fulcrum Conference Lecture 'Conflict and Covenant in the Bible'

Apr 15, 2008 by

 By Charles Raven, Virtue Online   http://www.fulcrum-anglican.org.uk/page.cfm?ID=297 12 April 2008 Fulcrum seems to take pride in being the voice of balanced orthodoxy, but Tom Wright’s recent lecture is evidence that the real function of Fulcrum – whatever the intentions of its members – is to try and hold the balance between post modern religiosity and the historic biblical Anglicanism which it mimics. Such a position is of course fundamentally unstable and the strained exegesis of this latest lecture shows the extent to which reality, not least in the form of GAFCON, is overtaking the Fulcrum fantasy. We are invited, in a manner reminiscent of Rowan Williams, to consider a middle way which avoids both the ‘shrill functional pragmatism of today’s muddled left’ and ‘the equally shrill and functional pragmatism of today’s muddled right’, those on the left preoccupied with breaking the old rules and those on the right with keeping...

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Windsor 'Compliance': More from BabyBlue

Apr 14, 2008 by

LATER:  If this is the real deal and Bishop Wright is not just whistling Dixie, how audacious will Rowan Williams actually be? What would cause him to finally pull the proverbial plug on the one big happy tent and actually say to a group of personally-selected, no money back guarantee group of bishops "here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?" Does he think this will help keep GAFCON at bay? "You can’t boycott Lambeth if I say you can’t come," or some other kind of whine. And how about those 815 lawsuits? Thing (sic) aren’t going so well at the moment – might they need a little foreign intervention?  From:  http://babybluecafe.blogspot.com/2008/04/bishop-tom-wright-reports-that-rowan.html Thanks too, BabyBlue, for naming the entire list of the almost two dozen Windsor-compliant bishops!  Given the low to almost non-existent profile of the Windsor-To-The-Rescue project, I had forgotten that so many had originally signed on.  One just wonders where most of them have been in recent days.  It...

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Smear Campaign against Nigeria and GAFCON

Apr 10, 2008 by

From Virtueonline Two Anglican homosexual leaders from a group called Changing Attitude say they were threatened with murder and one was assaulted in Nigeria. They blame the Anglican Church of Nigeria and a group called GAFCON for the assaults. The Rev. Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude England (CA), said he received a text message calling him an "evil homosexual promoter". Mr. Davis Mac-Iyalla, leader of the Nigerian arm of CA, said he was savagely beaten in an attack outside a funeral home. Both men pointed the finger at the evangelical Anglican Church in Nigeria. They have been supported in those charges by twenty Church of England bishops, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the pansexual American Episcopal organization called Integrity……   …….In their Open Letter to the Leadership Team of GAFCON, they wrote, "You may know that there were several instances of actual physical violence and threats of violence...

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