Arizona Bishops Condemn Efforts to Curtail Physician Freedom of Conscience

May 6, 2008 by

By John Jalsevac for LifeSite News PHOENIX, AZ, May 5, 2008 ( – A new statement from the Arizona Conference of Catholic Bishops, signed by Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted and Tucson Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas, strongly condemns recent efforts by lawmakers in Arizona and throughout the United States to curtail fundamental rights of conscience, particularly the freedom of conscience of physicians and healthcare workers. "Today in our state and elsewhere in our nation, healthcare professionals and institutions find themselves struggling to preserve their rights of conscience, especially in matters that would involve the taking of human life," begins the bishops’ statement. "The right to follow one’s religious beliefs and moral convictions is being compromised, undermined, and increasingly disregarded today by those who insist that actions be taken that violate the moral convictions a person holds dear or that underlie the very mission of an institution." The bishops claim that...

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Council of Europe Declares Unlimited Abortion an Unconditional Right for all of Europe

Apr 17, 2008 by

By Hilary White for LifeSite News STRASBOURG, April 16, 2008 ( – The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has passed a resolution to declare unlimited legal abortion an unconditional right. The Assembly passed the resolution with 102 to 69 votes with 14 abstentions. Amendments seeking to make the resolution less extreme in its promotion of abortion were rejected. In preparation for what is being described as a rushed vote, the Assembly restricted plenary session speeches to three minutes, amendment speeches to 30 seconds and denied the Assembly’s legal affairs committee any scrutiny. Only 185 of the 318 members of the Assembly were present for the vote. Pat Buckley of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, who was present at today’s debate, said, "Today is a tragic day for Europe, not least because this report in favour of even more killing of unborn children was rushed...

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Blair Formally Refuses to Respond to Abortion and Embryo Research Questions after "Conversion" to Catholicism

Apr 15, 2008 by

By Hilary White for LifeSite News Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Britain and avid supporter of legal abortion and homosexual "marriage" who was received into the Catholic Church late last year, has issued a statement refusing to answer questions regarding his position on abortion and embryonic research in the light of his alleged conversion. In an open letter, the Director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, John Smeaton, had asked Blair if he would, now that he was ostensibly a Catholic, renounce his former views and political activism on abortion and the use of embryonic human beings in experimental research. A spokesman from Blair’s office responded, "Mr Blair recognises that this is a subject of great concern to many people around the world and on which a variety of deeply held convictions are held." "However the Foundation inevitably has to focus on a limited number...

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Teen Sex Linked To Regret and Abortions in Later Adult Life

Apr 13, 2008 by

From LifeSite News DUBLIN, April 11, 2008 ( – Girls who become sexually active before age 17 are almost 70 percent more likely to experience a crisis pregnancy in later life and three times more likely to procure abortion in their lifetime than those who wait until they are older, according to a study released by the Irish Crisis Pregnancy Agency. The Irish Study of Sexual Health and Relationships, the largest nationally representative study on sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviour ever undertaken in Ireland, was published by the Department of Health and the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (CPA) today. The research found that 14.9 per cent of men and 7.9 per cent of women first engaged in sex when they were less than 16 years old. A majority of the women in that group (59 percent) and more than a third of the men (37 percent) regretted it. The study...

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Embryo Research May Never Produce Cures: Head of UK Stem Cell Network

Apr 12, 2008 by

By Hilary White for LifeSite News LONDON, April 11, 2008 ( – Lord Patel of Dunkeld, chairman of the UK National Stem Cell Network and chancellor of Dundee University, told the Scotsman earlier this week that research involving stem cells would likely lead to therapies, but that ultimately such treatments could prove too risky for human use. He also said it could be five to ten years before viable stem cell treatments were available. But even then, he observed, "We have to be cautious. It may not deliver therapy for anything. We may find that stem therapy is quite a risky business." In terms of the efficacy of stem cell cures, Lord Patel did not draw a distinction between embryonic and adult stem cell research. Thus far, however, researchers working with embryos have found that the use of embryonic stem cells involves a high risk of the development of...

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Leading UK AIDS Organisation Website Instructs Gay Men in "Extreme" Sexual and Drug Practices

Apr 10, 2008 by

By Hilary White for LifeSite News LONDON, April 9, 2008 ( – The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), an organisation in the UK founded ostensibly to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, has set up a website giving graphic information and instruction to homosexual men interested in "extreme" sexual practices. The site, called "Hard Cell", includes photos of male models involved in the various practices described, including "barebacking" – anal sex without condoms; "body mods" like branding, cutting and scarification; bondage and "breath control" or controlled strangulation. The Terrence Higgins Trust is a registered British charity founded to provide information to stem the spread of AIDS, and "promote good sexual health" and is considered the UK’s leading HIV and AIDS charity, and the largest such charity in Europe. The site’s graphics, with photos of men in strongly suggestive scenes, is designed to resemble popular homosexual pornographic websites....

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