Challenging pornography, one step at a time

May 6, 2008 by

For our US readers – something small, but practical and significant You have an unprecedented opportunity to take a stand with 47 national pro-family leaders against hotel-room pornography. In less than two weeks—May 14—I will be joining other pro-family leaders to meet with Marriott International officials to urge them to stop offering in-room porn. This is the first time a major hotel chain has agreed to meet with us on this issue. Currently, Marriott offers open access to video pornographic materials in their hotel rooms. Pornography is highly addictive and extremely destructive. In the “secrecy” of a hotel room, pornography can be especially dangerous because it creates a sexualized climate that puts men, women and children at risk. I believe Marriott—which presents itself as a family friendly hotel chain—cannot in good conscious continue to peddle pornography in their hotel rooms. But I need your help! The meeting with Marriott is an answer to a group letter that was sent to them in early April by 47 pro-family leaders.  Read the letter from pro-family leaders to Marriott. Act now to add your name to this letter. You can show up at the meeting with thousands of other citizens just by adding your name to the letter. I can’t emphasize enough how unprecedented this opportunity is. To really make an impact, please add your name to the letter so I can personally represent you to Marriott officials. Will you take a moment right now to co-sign this important letter urging Marriott to stop peddling pornography in its hotel rooms? Click here to co-sign the letter. There’s just one problem—the meeting is in less than 2 weeks. So act now and invite your friends to do the same. Thank you for your continued commitment and support—and for your prayers as we prepare for the May 14 meeting. Sincerely, Tom Minnery Sr. Vice President, Government and Public Policy Focus on the Family Action P.S. My staff has prepared a special video report on this upcoming meeting. Please go here to watch that report. Then, co-sign the letter so I can personally deliver it to Marriott officials on May 14. For more information on the dangers of pornography, click here....

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The Face of Intolerance: Lesbian Riot Shuts Down Sorba Speech at Smith College

May 3, 2008 by

From Americans for Truth Beware lesbians with frying pans (if you care about free speech). Lesbian activists at Smith College stormed the “Born Gay Hoax” talk by Ryan Sorba, shutting it down. Lesbian activists at Smith College just couldn’t stand by and let a young critic explain his views about the supposed innateness of homosexuality — so they stormed Ryan Sorba’s speech on the “Born Gay Hoax” and forced him to end it prematurely. Thus they decided for everyone in the room — supporters, foes, the curious and the undecided — whether Sorba’s arguments would be heard. Stalin would be proud. Brian Camenker, Amy Contrada and the dedicated folks at have captured the totalitarian episode on film for the world to see. Kudos to MassResistance for once again chronicling the anti-democratic antics of the “gay” Left for the record. It is absolutely shameful that Smith College and Massachusetts authorities would allow Sorba’s First Amendment rights to be neutralized in — of all places — the academy, which is supposed to be a place where opposing ideas can be debated freely. Homosexual activists are afraid of critical ideas — e.g., ex-”gays” and facts about the immense health risks linked to same-sex practices — a sure sign that they are on shallow intellectual footing. Meanwhile, we have learned that the American Psychiatric Association has canceled a symposium, slated for Monday, on “Homosexuality and Therapy: the Religious Dimension,” featuring Grove City College’s Warren Throckmorton — after homosexual activist Episcopal Bishop (Vicky) Gene Robinson pulled out of the discussion. The homosexual newspaper Washington Blade reports that Robinson “canceled his plans to attend because he came to believe that making an appearance would validate the concept that sexual orientation can be changed.” A “christian” leader (small-c) questions whether homosexuals can change — ignoring the evidence that thousands of people the world over testify to having overcome homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ. Interesting. But rather than defend his ideas — however anti-Biblical they are — Robinson chooses the coward’s way out by pulling out of the debate. Traditionalists and people of faith should take great courage from the homosexual side’s totalitarian tendencies. This is no “civil rights” movement but a sexual special interest lobby espousing — with all the assurance of a fundamentalist — doctrines that run counter to natural law, healthy living, and Judeo-Christian history. Which is another way of saying that they are at war with truth. Communists and fascists censor advocates of democratic freedom and independent religion. Darwinists expel critics of evolution from the academy. Officially pro-homosexual governments in Britain, Canada and other countries persecute Christians who voice their Biblical belief that homosexuality is a changeable sin. And radical homosexualists here in the USA trample on the rights of those who dare question the tenets of their activist movement, which is all of 100-plus years old (German “sexologist” Magnus Hirschfeld). Take heart: people confident in their ideas don’t storm opponents’ speeches. Rather, they listen intently to them, and then...

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Good News is no news in Nnewi!

Apr 3, 2008 by

Editor’s note:  Bishop Martyn Minns represented CANA at the Church of Nigeria’s Standing Committee which met March 26–29 in southeast Nigeria.  Jesus proved you can do a lot in three days, and that’s what this Standing Committee did:  amongst other things, they approved 19 new dioceses (with seed money in the bank!), they reported that GAFCON expenses for all 100+ bishops from Nigeria have been paid-in-full, and they announced that the Church of Nigeria — the largest province in the Anglican Communion — no longer needs dioceses to support the national province operations, but wants dioceses to redirect their former assessments to church planting!  Read about it here: Good News Is No News in Nnewi! by the Rt. Rev’d Martyn Minns A funny thing happened in Nnewi, Nigeria, last week. (Nnewi is a bustling city in southeast Nigeria.) Archbishop Peter Akinola presided over a remarkable meeting of the Standing Committee of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), but nobody from the world media noticed. It wasn’t that it was a closed or secret meeting – it’s hard to keep a gathering of a thousand church leaders quiet, and preparations had been public for months. So why didn’t any of them care? For one thing, he didn’t talk about anything that would make a good headline; instead he focused on a call to personal and corporate holiness. He told all those present that they were too attached to the ways of the world and they needed to change. He reminded them that they have been called to “live in the world but not of the world.” Nobody blinked when he challenged his listeners to look inward and deal with their own sin instead of looking at everyone else. But it didn’t make news. He talked about the Global Anglican Future Conference (affectionately known as GAFCON) that he is leading in Jerusalem later this year. He carefully explained the long history behind the decision to gather with other provinces of the Anglican Communion that refuse to spend any more time agonizing about sex but instead want to get on with the work of the Gospel and celebrate transformed lives. He announced that everyone going from Nigeria has already been paid for – and here’s another funny thing – paid for by generous Godly people in Nigeria! They have raised all the money from inside their own country! During the meeting they also took time to dedicate a brand new marble-lined church that seats more than a thousand people, debt free thanks to a local benefactor who wanted to do something beautiful for God. Everyone was pleased but no one seemed surprised. Perhaps the most astonishing thing that happened in Nnewi was that during the three days they met together, they created eighteen new missionary dioceses and one fully fledged diocese and then, before lunch on the final day, elected twenty (20) new bishops to serve these new jurisdictions. All of the resources to start these new dioceses – a Cathedral for...

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