The Church of England and same sex relationships: articles and comments

Apr 4, 2014 by

Facilitated Conversations   Changing Attitude Letter to Bishops and Statement   Anglican Mainstream Statement in Response to Changing Attitude     House of Bishops Pastoral Guidance on Same Sex Marriage, Church of England Website   Church offers prayers after same-sex weddings – but bans gay priests from marrying by John Bingham, Telegraph No blessings, no same-sex marriages for clergy: Bishops keep the door shut as Act comes into force by Paul Handley, Church Times Church of England offers prayers after gay weddings but no same-sex marriage for vicars by Lizzie Dearden, Independent Gay marriage: I don’t dismiss bishops’ dishonest compromise out of hand by Andrew Brown, Guardian Statement commenting on the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Guidance on Same Sex Marriage by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream The last six days: the story so far and the implications by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream House of Bishops prioritise discipline not love from Colin Coward, Changing Attitude Press Release from LGBT...

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The Religious War Against Marriage

May 6, 2008 by

By Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch That there are plenty of secularists who are happy to push the homosexual agenda is not so surprising. What is surprising, and sad, is when Christians get on the bandwagon. When they totally ignore or reject their own biblical absolutes and instead embrace the latest trendy fads and crusades, then things are going downhill fast. There has been a growing chorus of religious folk singing the praises of the homosexual agenda, even pushing for same-sex marriage. The most recent example was in today’s Australian when Anglican writer and feminist Muriel Porter had a piece entitled, “Highest Praise for Nuptials” in which she blasted other Christians for daring to stand up for Biblical morality on this issue. The whole article was one tired exercise in homosexual apologetics. It could have been written by any secularist or atheist. It trotted out all the tired clichés and...

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Marriage Debate: How SSM leads to 'special rights'

May 5, 2008 by

From IMAPP I’ve been corresponding with some people who complained to me that people like myself who want to keep the present definition of marriage are abridging their rights. I’ve been responding that same-sex marriage advocates are actually the ones limiting people’s rights. In Boston, if your church has a deeply held moral belief that children need both a mother and a father, and you want to help parents adopt, you are required to either violate your principles or to stop helping children find loving families. That’s what gay "marriage" has wrought in the first state to fall victim to tyrannical judges and selfish gay activists. Virtually everyone agrees that the real victims of the shut-down of the highly praised Catholic adoption service in Boston are poor orphans of color. But the gay community literally doesn’t care. Being celebrated and stroked as "equal" is far more important to them...

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Was Canadian same-sex marriage a mistake?

Apr 17, 2008 by

Michael Coren on Canada’s biggest mistake: Gay marriage For National Post What makes the national mistake of legalizing same-sex marriage unique in Canadian history is that to even discuss the issue is considered by many, particularly our elites, to be at the very least in extraordinarily bad taste. Although this is a valid and vital debate about social policy, anyone critiquing the status quo is likely to be marginalized as hateful, extreme or simply mad. Social conservatives aren’t just wrong, they’re evil. The discussion, we are told, is over. Which is what triumphalist bullies have said for centuries after they win a battle. In this case, the intention is to marginalize anyone who dares to still speak out. In other words, to silence them. It’s important to emphasize that this is not really about homosexuality at all, and has nothing to do with homosexual people living together. Opponents of...

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Legalizing gay marriage will spark lawsuits against churches

Apr 8, 2008 by

By Roger Severino, The Examiner WASHINGTON – After years of litigation and debate, the California and Connecticut supreme courts are about to decide the question of marriage. If, as some suspect, the courts redefine the institution to include same-sex couples, they will have entered a minefield of unintended consequences — especially with regard to religious liberty. The experience of legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, and of civil unions elsewhere, cannot be ignored. It shows that, even with the best of intentions, legalizing same-sex marriage will seriously undermine the religious freedom citizens have enjoyed since the founding. Although the First Amendment protects dissenting houses of worship from being forced to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies against their will, that is not the end of the story — it is barely even the beginning. Simply changing the definition of marriage opens the door to a flood of lawsuits against dissenting religious institutions...

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