TRURO, VA: Truro Anglican Church Announces Property Reconciliation with TEC Diocese of Virginia

Apr 25, 2017 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

Truro Anglican Church has agreed to a long-term lease from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia based on a Peace and Reconciliation initiative that will allow the congregation to stay on its property for 20, even 50 years, with the full support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and representatives of Coventry Cathedral.

However, ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach blasted the idea, saying that the TEC diocese was not an “appropriate partner” for such a project because their leadership continues to promote teaching and practices contrary to Scripture –teaching that, if followed, would keep people from an eternal inheritance in the Kingdom of God.

Beach said the teaching by TEC has torn the fabric of the Anglican Communion, and such teaching remains a scandal in the Anglican Communion to this day. “Until there is repentance by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, there can be no true Gospel partnership with them.”

Mid-Atlantic Anglican bishop John Guernsey echoed similar sentiments and in a letter to the clergy and wardens of his diocese said, The Episcopal Church promotes “false teaching” and therefore the parish should “not enter into a joint ministry with the Episcopal Diocese.”

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