We can defeat the LGBT juggernaut if we fight hard enough. Here’s proof.

May 11, 2017 by

from Mass Resistance:

When pro-family people fight back hard and tell the truth fearlessly, they can derail the well-funded LGBT legislative agenda. We’ve shown that over and over again. This was one of those times.

A frightening bill that would allow children as young as 12 years old to “decide” they need psychiatric therapy – without their parents’ knowledge or consent – was stopped in the Colorado Senate on Monday, May 1. The 3-2 vote by a Senate committee came after strong testimony at the public hearing by Colorado MassResistance and other pro-family activists against a torrent of emotional pleas by the bill’s proponents.

The bill, HB17-1320, had passed in the Colorado House of Representatives the previous week. Had it made it through the Senate committee, it would have gone to the Senate floor for a full vote.

A nightmare for families

As we recently reported, the bill would have allowed LGBT-allied “therapists” in school-based clinics to push vulnerable children to affirm and accept homosexual and transgender “identities” and behaviors as “normal,” among other things. Parents would not even be notified that this psychotherapy was being given to their children.

The thwarted plan had terrifying implications for parents and families. Children are emotionally defenseless and can easily be persuaded by adults that they need counseling “help” from unknown, agenda-driven mental health professionals. These therapists could diagnose and “treat” the children with whatever approach they chose, without knowing vital medical history or other information from parents, or being accountable to them.

The original version of the bill, filed on April 5, set the age of consent for outpatient psychotherapy to 10. But the bill’s supporters got nervous, and at the House Committee hearing they changed it to 12 to help it pass.

Apparently it was expected that the bill would pass and become law. Therapists were already being placed in Colorado’s  school-based clinics, according to a MassResistance Colorado parent who researched it.

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