Why turning Easter into Christmas is crackers!

Mar 20, 2017 by

by Quentin Letts, Mailonline:

With their genius for devaluing the English language, the marketing people at Sainsbury’s are promoting their ‘Easter essentials’.

These are 51 products without which (if we are to accept that word ‘essential’) you and I will be incapable of celebrating Easter.

The items range from Sainsbury’s hummus to Mr Kipling lemon fancies, Bassets Jelly Baby Bunnies to daffodil-decorated paper napkins.

Hear that, Britain? Without your Sainsbury’s Italian Antipasto selection (£2.38 per 100g), your Crosta & Mollica Rosemary Linguette and a Cake Angels Disney Frozen Enchanted Cupcake Activity kit, plus so much more, your Easter will be a dud. Wash out. Pah!

Go forth and multiply our turnover figures, saith the Lord Mammon. And lo, the people meekly did as they were commanded.

Commercialism has been nibbling into Easter for years — arguably centuries, if you count medieval pilgrimages — but something snapped inside me when I read that we are now being told that Easter is ‘the second Christmas’.


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