0.00 scientific basis for gender fluidity, says noted paediatrician

Jun 17, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Rebel Priest:

Treatment of children with gender incongruence has been hijacked by ‘political activism,’ noted paediatric endocrinology Dr Quentin Van Meter has said.

Addressing a conference on Gender Confusion and the Family in Westminster last week, the president of the American College of Paediatricians said that critics of the new affirming approach to transgenderism in children are being stifled, publications are being suppressed, academic faculty fear repercussions and major gatherings are not accepting contrary speakers. But none of this activism is based on science or medical evidence.

Without medical intervention, Dr Van Meter explained, 98 per cent of males and 80 per cent of females will realign their gender identity to their sex by the time they have finished puberty. For those who do transition, after the initial ‘euphoria’ wears off, overall satisfaction declines after around 10 years, while the suicide rate among post-transition transgender people remains 19 times higher than the general population.

Some studies appear to contradict these findings, but Dr Van Meter said that this is because they do not follow subjects for long enough to see the decline in satisfaction, or suffer from some other fundamental flaw in their design.

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