10 Christian Responses to Racism

Jun 25, 2020 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

Premier Christianity asked me to write this article.  You can get the original here.    To be honest I hesitated a bit because I knew the response it would get.  They had plenty people who were willing to write about how racist we all are.  My fears were justified.  So far in just one day I have been accused of being a racist (even though I don’t know it) ie. “This is the man who wrote the racist article in Christianity”…..and various other accusations – largely from professing Christians… The amazing thing is that people get furious at the first line of this article – how dare I claim I am not a racist!  And then when I accept their own word that they are racists – they get furious.  Some even argue that individuals are not racist, cultures are.  Therefore as we belong to cultures we can take on the collective guilt of the culture – but not the individual. Go figure….anyway judge for yourselves….

I post the article as it was published….and then afterwards as I wrote it.  It was edited for size – but I think the fuller article is better.

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