10 Reasons Even Committed Christians Are Attending Church Less Often

May 13, 2022 by

by Carey Nieuwhof:

It comes up in a surprising number of conversations a lot.  And no one’s quite sure how to respond to it.

The issue? Even committed church attenders are attending church less often.

Sure, the trend has been happening for years (gone are the days when people attended 50 out of 52 Sundays), but the issue has reached a tipping point in the church over the last decade.

I first wrote about this in a post called 7 Ways to Respond as People Attend Church Less Often. But the conversation persists and, to many leaders, feels much more urgent.

This isn’t a post about why people have left the church (that’s a different subject.) This is the first in a series of posts about church attenders who love God, appreciate the local church, and are even involved in the local church, but who simply attend less often.

This topic comes up a lot, and some other resources that can help you do a deeper dive include:

So why all this attention?

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