110 Anglican churches closed in Wales in 10 years

Sep 25, 2017 by

from BBC News:

More than 10 Anglican churches a year are closing Wales, figures have shown.

Data from the Church in Wales showed 115 churches have closed over a 10-year period, about 8% of the total, with 1,319 still in use.

There are currently 11 properties advertised for sale on the church’s website.

The Church in Wales said closures were a “significant issue” and while the sale rate had stayed steady, it was unlikely to slow down.

Head of property, Alex Glanville, said there was a move to take a regional look at churches rather than let each one deal with the issue on its own.

“We’re grouping a lot more parishes and congregations together, about 10-15 churches in an area, and thinking which ones can we sustain.

“There’s a little bit more strategy – what’s a sustainable congregation and where’s the best place to do it?”

The National Churches Trust said the rate of closures in Wales was relatively higher than England, given relative population size, where about 20 close each year.

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