Church of England Parochial System

Aug 6, 2020 by

Letter to The Telegraph:
SIR – I do not always share the views of Giles Fraser (Comment, August 3), but his article on the future of the Church of England parochial system makes many points that which the Church would do well to take on board.
It is ironic that Chelmsford diocese has announced it will axe 60 posts having, during the episcopate of Stephen Cottrell (now the Archbishop of York), created three more for archdeacons, making a total of seven.
The new “super-diocese” of Leeds was sold on the idea that it would cut down on duplicated administration, with no extra senior posts. And what has happened? An additional bishopric (Kirkstall) has come into being.
I am organist of a rural benefice of four parishes. My rector has been given responsibility for two more parishes, an extra 50 per cent workload.
In 2020 there are more bishops than in 1900, despite there being fewer clergy and smaller congregations.
John Radford

Wimborne St Giles, Dorset

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