1Why itis Time for British Evangelical Churches to Stand Up to Defend Pastoral Care for Unwanted Same-sex Attraction

Jul 15, 2019 by

from Affinity.org:

The right to provide pastoral care for people of both sexes who experience unwanted same-sex attraction is under threat in the United Kingdom. All types of Christian ministry are affected, as are secular fields such as psychotherapy and counselling. By the same token, people’s right to receive such pastoral care is also under threat. Homosexual behaviour is rooted in same-sex attraction, is clearly forbidden in Scripture and exemplifies rebellion against God as our Creator. So this is clearly a first-order gospel issue today. Yet we are confronted with a deafening silence from Christian denominations and networks in the UK. This needs to change fast, and in this article I shall explain why all this matters so much.

Why has this issue become controversial?

The issue of availability of pastoral care of different kinds for men and women with unwanted same-sex attraction has become controversial because gay-rights activists have made it so. They have done this via fifty years of campaigning for homosexuality to be normalised. Most people do not realise that at the root of this campaign for normalisation has been a concerted attack on all kindsof help offered topeople with unwanted same-sex attraction, be it from counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, Christian pastors, pastoral counsellors, healing ministries or self-help groups.

How common is same-sex attraction and behaviour in theUnited Kingdom?

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