20 Quotes from a New Book on the Gospel and Social Justice

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The following quotes caught my attention as I read Thaddeus Williams’s outstanding new book, Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice (Zondervan, 2020).

Social justice is not optional for the Christian. (1)

We can’t separate the Bible’s commands to do justice from its commands to be discerning. The oppressed deserve more than our good intentions. We must love them not merely with our hearts and hands but with our heads too. (3–4)

Look deep enough underneath any horizontal human-against-human injustice and you will always find a vertical human-against-God injustice, a refusal to give the Creator the worship only the Creator is due. All injustice is a violation of the first commandment. (18)

The doctrine of human depravity swings like a wrecking ball, leveling any ideology that says, “My gender group, my ethnic group, my economic group makes me good, and their group is evil.” (46)

In Christ, ethnic enemies become family, oppressed and oppressors become brothers and sisters, and privileged and underprivileged become equally loved siblings under the same all-loving Father. (48)

Propaganda is the uranium that powers tribalism and the social meltdown it incurs. . . . We find three common marks. One, propaganda offers a highly edited history that paints the most damning picture it can of a given people group. Two, it encourages us to treat individual neighbors as exemplars of their damnable group. Three, it gives us a way to blame all of life’s troubles on that damnable group and its members. (54)

Instead of saying that social justice is the gospel or in the gospel, it is more helpful to say social justice is from the gospel. (117)

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