2020: The Year in Review

Jan 3, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Well, that was different. Little did any of us realise one year ago that 2020 would turn out to be, well, so very different and unexpected. The coronavirus has certainly changed the world – for good or ill. And it is still with us. So perhaps next year I might be writing a similar sort of piece.

Little did I know in January of last year that in 2020 a full 101 of my 375 or so articles would be on the Rona and all aspects of it. It certainly was not something any of us had anticipated. And a few folks complained about me writing so much on this.

But when something is impacting the entire world so overwhelmingly, and everyone is talking about it, and being affected by it, then it makes sense to pay some amount of attention to it. If I were alive in December of 1941 when Pearl Harbor took place, I likely would have written a hundred articles or so on the course of WWII during 1942 as well.

Given that the Rona was THE story of last year, let me discuss it in two ways: spiritually and politically. These and other aspects of the virus and our responses to it of course had been discussed by me plenty last year, but some concluding thoughts may be of use here.

As to spiritual concerns, for some years now my prayers have been along these lines: ‘God, please do something. The West is going from bad to worse. Things just can NOT remain the same. We continue to move away from you and continue to move into ever more sin, immorality, evil and darkness. This cannot long last. Something has got to give. Please send repentance and revival to your churches or send something to wake us all up.’

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