3,462 Nigerian Christians hacked to death by jihadists — don’t these black lives matter?

Jul 28, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

When one black man was killed in the US, the cry of “I can’t breathe” reverberated round the world – or at least the Western world – and ‘taking the knee’ became a ritual to signify that black lives matter, for, indeed, Black Lives Matter. The media inculcated it: the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and every broadsheet and tabloid was crammed with it. Politicians, teachers, celebrities, sportspeople, bishops and archbishops all preached it, for it is important to stand up to racism.

When 3,462 black people are killed in Nigeria, the whisper of silence disturbs nothing and no-one. Not even BBC World can be bothered to report that 3,462 Christians have been hacked to death by Nigerian jihadists in the past 200 days; or that 3,000 have been abducted; or that 300 churches have been burnt down or destroyed; or that 10 priests have been murdered.

And Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth, yet “the jihadists operate freely under the cover and protection of the security forces; abducting, killing, looting, destroying or burning and forcefully converting their captive and unprotected Christians and their homes and sacred places of worship and learning. But the same security forces hatefully and brutally respond with utter ferocity against Southern and Northern Christians are accused of infraction or offending the law.”

George Floyd was choked by a white cop. Perhaps that’s the difference. And 3,462 black Christians have been hacked to pieces by black Muslims. Perhaps that’s not news.

Or do black lives matter more in the US than they do in Nigeria?

Or do black lives matter more in the West than they do in Africa?

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