4 Causes of Deconstruction

Nov 9, 2021 by

By Joshua Ryan Butler, TGC:

Deconstruction is a symptom, not the root cause.

[Editor’s note: ‘Deconstruction’ here refers to the trend, particularly in the US, of evangelicals moving away from biblical faith, often influenced by the public journeys of high profile figures…]

A proper diagnosis is important because—to continue the medical analogy—each underlying condition has a different cure.

I’ve walked as a pastor with many wrestling with deconstruction. While not exhaustive, these are the four most common root causes I’ve seen. Let’s look at the gospel’s treatment plan for each.

1. Church Hurt

Many who deconstruct have been wounded by abusive or manipulative church leaders, or generally unhealthy church cultures…Church hurt is real. But deconstruction is a false cure. The gospel’s remedy is lament.

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