6% of UK adults identify as practising Christians

May 13, 2022 by

from Evangelical Focus:

The Talking Jesus research analyses “the evangelism landscape in the UK today”. 42% say they are non-practising Christians and 16% identify as agnostics or atheists.

The UK Evangelical Alliance (EAUK), Alpha, HOPE Together, Luis Palau Association and Kingsgate Community Church have released the Talking Jesus report.

It “answers what people think of Jesus; how non-Christians view any practising Christian friends they might have; and the evangelism landscape in the United Kingdom today”, say its authors.

Furthermore, a part of the report “also shows how practising Christians come to faith and will help church leaders to be strategic for growth”.

The research was completed by Savanta ComRes, which conducted one 10-minute online interviews among about 4,000 UK adults between 28th January and 13th February 2022, with some supplementary fieldwork taking place between 28th March and 5th April.

They divided the respondents into two samples. One was designed to be nationally representative of the UK (3,115 people). The other were 917 practising Christians. “Following fieldwork, these two samples were combined into a single combined dataset”, they explained.

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