6,000 join broadcast Call to Repentance and Prayer

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On Saturday 25 April, over 6,000 people joined a live-streamed Call to Repentance and Prayer organised by Voice for Justice UK (VfJUK).

As VfJUK CEO Lynda Rose explained, on this date in 590 AD, Rome was miraculously delivered from plague after a call to repentance and prayer led by the new Pope, Gregory 1. Rome at the time was known for its corruption, moral decadence, immorality, and general decline. In his inaugural address to the crowds, Gregory proclaimed: “God is full of mercy and compassion, and it is his will that we should win his pardon through our prayers.”

For three days Gregory led the people in procession through the streets, crying out in repentance. At the end of that time, the Archangel Michael was reportedly seen standing on the top of the castle of Crescentius, a short way from the Vatican, brandishing a flaming sword.

In response to the crowd’s prayer, the archangel sheathed the sword and then turned to leave the city. As he left, the crowd reported an immediate change. The air, they said, became fragrant and fresh – less heavy – and from that moment the plague stopped.

The Rev Lynda Rose said she had felt very strongly that the Lord was ‘calling our nation to make that same prayer of repentance, on the same date’.

On 18 April she sent out a blog, calling people to stand with VfJUK in prayer for repentance and deliverance on the 25th. She hadn’t, she said, anticipated the response. For the next 48 hours she was deluged with emails from people committing to pray and asking what they should do. So was born the idea of a live stream broadcast – calling people to repentance.

As well as VfJUK, the broadcast included sections led by the Rev Dr Clifford Hill, Director of Issachar Ministries; Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester and now President of OXTRAD (pictured); Des Starritt, Executive Director of Christians United for Israel UK; David Lindsay, Joint leader of Together for the Nation; Andrea Williams CE of Christian Concern; and Linda Stalley, joint leader of the Maranatha Community.

The overriding message of each one was that God is here and actively wants to help – but that sin blocks the way.

Bishop Michael reminded participants that ‘we have abused God’s creation, both globally and in our own bodies’. But God is a God of suffering love, he said, who brings healing out of disease and hope out of despair, so he urged the nation to repent and cry out for deliverance.

Clifford Hill spoke of the ‘ungodly’ laws that have reshaped Britain since 1950 – that are, he said, directly against the teachings of the Bible, while others warned of the abuse of relationships and disintegration of the family, declaring that God is shaking the nations in order to awaken us to sin.

As pointed out in the Bible, it was said that our choices bring blessings or curses, life or death.

On Saturday, over 6,000 heard that call to repent. The Rev Lynda Rose added: “The prayers go on.”

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