A 75-point LGBT action plan? Moses only got ten commandments!

Sep 14, 2018 by

by Quentin Letts, Mailonline:

[…]  During a drawn-out discussion of shared parental leave, Miss Atkins started speaking about ‘evidence based tools for employees’. ‘It’s all about cultural change,’ she jawed.

We moved to other gender issues – ‘reporting processes on the gender pay gap’, state handouts to help women travel to abortion clinics, and the ‘75-point LGBT action plan’ on which the May Government is spending almost £5million.

Seventy five points? How unadventurous of Moses to settle for just ten commandments.

Miss Atkins has a manner of treating questions with such elaborate importance that she seems almost to be taking the mickey. Self-admiration bubbles not far below the surface.

Another minister, Sarah Newton, was a figure of cringing wetness, hunching her shoulders, flinging her arms here and there in nannyish concern, the voice more suitable for Jackanory than the Legislature of a soon-to-be-independent kingdom.

We got on to gay conversion therapy, gay rights in Venezuela, the treatment of ‘pregnant persons’ (you are not allowed to talk of pregnant women because some of them might identify as chaps), and ‘ze upskirting’, as German-born Wera Hobhouse (Lib Dem, Bath) put it.

Also the menopause. ‘One of the advances of this parliament is that we are talking more about the menopause,’ averred Miss Atkins with an enthusiastic sweep of her elbow. To her side sat Mrs Newton, wringing hands and nodding bravely.

And some curs accuse our political and media elite of being out of touch with national concerns!

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