A basic Christian primer on sex, marriage and family life. Article 12 – Divorce and re-marriage.

May 12, 2020 by

by Martin Davie:

As we have seen in the course of this series of articles, the institution of marriage is what God created it to be, and God created marriage to be a permanent relationship. In the language of the Prayer Book, marriages are intended  by God to endure ‘till death us do part.’

In this country, however, a very large number of marriages end not in death, but in divorce. According to the most recent figures, 42% of marriages in the United Kingdom now end in divorce. This means that that thousands of marriages in this country end in divorce each year, which in turn means that almost everyone will have some personal experience of the painful effects of divorce, either because it has happened to them personally, or because it has happened to people in their family or among their friends.

In this article I shall look at the three key biblical texts concerning divorce and re-marriage and what they mean for Christians today.

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