A bewildered Christian in the Pride lions’ den

Jul 9, 2023 by

By Peter Simpson, TCW:

WHAT depths of God-rejecting immorality Britain has descended into. Is this the nation once instrumental in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth?

I refer to the London Pride parade in our capital last weekend. I, and a small band of other preachers and concerned Christians, were present, by arrangement with the Metropolitan Police, to protest and to preach the gospel of salvation to those lost in gross spiritual darkness. There were around 20 of us, and it was necessary for us to be enclosed by protective barriers. We endeavoured to challenge with Biblical truth at least 30,000 parade participants, and more than a million supporters, who seemed to think that the event was worth ecstatically celebrating.

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was present endorsing the proceedings, and he declared: ‘Here in London you are free to be who you want to be and to love who you want to love.’ That statement pretty well sums up the whole ethos of Pride and the attitude of the revellers, but if we stop to analyse it, it could be used to justify, say, adultery as well as homosexuality. No one, however, is free to take another person’s wife or husband. It is relevant to make this point because the word ‘love’ is so abused, and because adultery and homosexuality are listed alongside one another in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 as both excluding people from entering into the kingdom of God.

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