A bishop, a vicar and Mermaids – who’s misleading whom?

Jun 15, 2019 by

by Andrea Minichiello Williams, Christian Concern:

[…]  What this whole episode reveals is an extraordinary level of intolerance for people who hold to a Biblical view of marriage and a true, scientific, view of gender. Oxford biology graduate John Parker felt forced to resign. More than thirty other clergy have been told that if they disagree with the approach of the diocese they could also resign. Bishop Stephen is forging ahead encouraging the promotion of transgender ideology and allowing transitioning of primary school children who haven’t even hit puberty. If you don’t like it you can leave.

Suggesting that people can change their gender is a cruel lie that robs children of who they truly are, before God. A truly loving Church would provide – in its congregations and schools – a safe space for all who are confused about their gender to find healing and comfort in Christ the Redeemer. The kind of teaching that Mermaids is promoting amounts to the indoctrination of young children with harmful lies.

The question now is where next for the CofE? Bishop Stephen’s statements clearly show the direction of travel. If you don’t like it – you know what he would say.

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