A Christian View: ‘Better outcomes from marriage’

Feb 5, 2017 by

by Julian Mann, Sheffield Telegraph:

If I had not become a Christian and had remained a votary of secular liberalism, I would now have to concede that the heterosexually married family is the best environment for most children to grow up in. I would also have to concede that sex should be confined to marriage. Both propositions stand to reason.

The British politician who has done a great deal through his Centre for Social Justice to demonstrate the vital importance of the institution of marriage is Iain Duncan Smith. In 2012, when he was Work and Pensions Secretary, he went public with solid statistical evidence that children raised in married families were achieving better outcomes.

Mr Duncan Smith’s pro-marriage declaration was made before same-sex couples were allowed to get married legally in England and Wales and in Scotland, so at that point marriage in Britain was exclusively heterosexual.

Since the Marriage (Same-Sex) Couples Act came into force in 2014 in England and Wales, around 15,000 same-sex couples have entered into civil marriages, a small proportion out of the 240,000 or so marriages annually and a tiny proportion of the overall number of married couples in Britain.

So marriage remains overwhelmingly heterosexual in our country with the complementary nature of fatherhood and motherhood providing an intrinsic benefit for children. What is the evidence for the contention that children generally do best with a man and a woman actively involved in their upbringing?

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